Council performance

Corporate Plan

The Corporate Plan 2020-24 sets out the vision and improvement priorities for Derbyshire Dales District over the next four years. It is the key strategy from which the District Council's Budget and Service Plans cascade.

There are 3 broad priority areas:
People - providing you with a high quality customer experience
Place - keeping the Derbyshire Dales Clean, Green and Safe; and
Prosperity - supporting better homes and jobs for you.

These were agreed at the Council meeting on 5 March 2020.

2022/23 Service Plans

Our service plans form an important part of the management and monitoring of Council services. They contain details of the services we will deliver, linked to the aims and objectives of the Corporate Plan.

Our service plans for 2022/23 were agreed by the council in March 2022. 

The Plan includes our ‘Corporate Plan Indicators’ and ‘Key Performance Indicators’ which will be monitored quarterly, as well as service indicators which will be reported at the end of each financial year. The service plans also include information on staff resources and budgets to clarify the link between service levels and resources.


Performance Management Handbook

This handbook sets out what performance management is and why it is so important to achieving and demonstrating improvement.  It explains what the District Council and its staff do to plan activity and to monitor, report and improve performance in order to deliver its priorities.  Please see the latest version below - published in February 2021.

Performance of the District Council's Priorities

The District Council manages its services throughout the year using ‘Corporate Plan Indicators’ and ‘Key Performance Indicators’ and a traffic light system. From April 2016 these will be reported twice a year to Council.

These reports can be found by following the links below.

Reports to Council 2021/22

A report summarising the outturn performance against the District Council’s Key & Corporate Plan Performance Indicators for the full year 2020/21, which is the first year of the current Corporate Plan 2020-24, agreed at Council on 5th March 2020.

Reports to Council 2020/21

  • Corporate Plan targets for adopted priorities for 2021/22; the performance to date, against the 2020/21 Corporate Plan targets.’ Agenda item 6, pages 23 to 25.

  • Performance against the District Council’s Corporate Plan targets, since its adoption in March 2020; the report highlights where performance is strong and where progress has been delayed by COVID-19. Also to consider adoption of the Corporate Plans priority target areas for 2021/22, as detailed in Section 3 of the report, to enable service planning and budget preparation to take place in good time for March 2021. [Item 6, pages 17 to 27]

  • Outturn performance against Corporate Plan targets and
  • Key Performance indicators for 2019/20 and approve the Key Performance indicator target for 20/21. [Agenda item 22 on p.228 to p.235 of report]

Reports to Council 2019/20

  • Outturn performance against the District Council’s Key & Corporate Performance Indicators for the year 2018/19 and consider approval of modifications to the performance targets detailed in the report. Also, to note the Corporate Plan targets and Key Performance Indicators for 2018/19. [Agenda item 12, pages 45 to 52]

  • To consider adoption of the Corporate Plan targets for 2020-2024, setting out the District Council’s strategic priorities over the next four years. Approval of the District Council’s Service Plans for 2020/21, which includes the relevant Corporate Plan targets for operational use in 2020/21. 

  • Council 21st November (item 15 - Corporate Plan 2020-24 including progress against 2019/20 targets and item 16 - Organisational Health - Key Performance Indicators mid-year 2019/20)

Reports to Council in 2018/19

  • Council 30th May 2019 (Item 12 – Key & Corporate Performance Indicators Outturn 2018/19)

  • Council 7th March 2019 (Item 5 – adoption of Corporate Plan targets for 2019/20 and Q3 update of Corporate Plan targets)

  • Council 5th December 2018 (Items 10 & 11 – mid-year Key and Corporate Performance Indicators)

Reports to Council in 2017/18

Below are summaries of our performance against the targets we set for all our priority indicators:

  • Council 31 May 2018

  •  Council 5 March 2018 (report of Corporate Plan targets only) 

  • Council 30 November 2017

 Reports to Council in 2016/17

Below are summaries of our performance against the targets we set for all our priority indicators;

  • Council 22 June 2017

  • Council 2 March 2017

  • Council 24 November 2016

Reports to Council in 2015/16

Below are summaries of our performance against the targets we set for all our Priority Indicators.

  • Council 30 June 2016

  • Council 25th June 2015


Performance summaries


Performance Summaries (first of twice yearly reports)

Half year progress


Performance Summaries

Half Year progress

Please refer to pages 6 to 7 in the Performance Management Handbook above for more details of our approach to performance management.