Lord Lieutenant

The Derbyshire Lieutenancy Office is operated by Derbyshire Dales District Council.

Mrs. Elizabeth Fothergill, CBE was appointed as Lord-Lieutenant in July 2020 and may be contacted through the Derbyshire Lieutenancy Office.

Office of the lieutenancy

Mr. Paul Wilson, MCD, Dip TP, Dip Mgmt, MRTPI is Clerk to the Lieutenancy and Mrs Debra Heaton, MVO is Secretary to the Lieutenancy and all enquiries should be addressed to:-

The Office of the Lieutenancy,

Town Hall,


Derbyshire  DE4 3NN.

Telephone: 01629 761126

Email:  debra.heaton@derbyshiredales.gov.uk

How the Lord-Lieutenant is appointed

In England and Wales, the Sovereign appoints the Lord-Lieutenant for a County on the advice of the Prime Minister who consults widely in the County. The Lord-Lieutenant will remain in post until he/she reaches the age of 75 years, at which point a new Lord-Lieutenant will be appointed.

The role of the Lord-Lieutenant

The main duties of the Lord-Lieutenant may be summarised as follows:

  • Arranging visits by Members of the Royal Family to the County, and receiving and escorting Royal Visitors as appropriate.
  • The presentation of medals and awards on behalf of the Sovereign to individuals, voluntary groups and business organisations.
  • Participation in civic, voluntary and social events within the County.
  • Liaison with local units of the Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force and their associated Cadet Forces. 

Vice Lord-Lieutenant

The Lord-Lieutenant, with Her Majesty The Queen's approval, may appoint a Deputy Lieutenant to be the Vice Lord-Lieutenant to assist the Lord-Lieutenant by standing in when he/she is absent, sick or otherwise unable to act.  The current Vice Lord-Lieutenant is Colonel John Samuel Wilson OBE DL. 

Deputy Lieutenants

Lord-Lieutenants are required to appoint Deputy Lieutenants within an establishment which varies according to the population of the county.  In Derbyshire a maximum of 47 Deputy Lieutenants may be appointed to the Active List.  They are appointed by the Lord-Lieutenant subject only to the Sovereign not disapproving the Commission.  The letters DL appear after their names. 

When required, active Deputy Lieutenants in the County (listed below) assist the Lord-Lieutenant or deputise for him/her. 

At the age of 75 Deputy Lieutenants are transferred from the Active List onto the Supplemental List.   

Current (Active) Deputy Lieutenants are:

  • Elizabeth Fothergill, CBE  :  HM Lord-Lieutenant
  • Colonel John Wilson, OBE, DL  :  Vice Lord-Lieutenant
  • Kate Alcock, DL
  • Andrew Allsop, DL
  • Jacqueline Bird, MBE, DL
  • Balwant Bubber, JP, DL
  • The Earl of Burlington  :  William Cavendish, DL
  • Andrew Cochrane, DL
  • David Coleman, QPM, DL
  • Marvin Cooke, DL
  • Lieutenant Colonel David Dawber, TD, DL
  • Peter Ellse, DL
  • Brell Ewart, DL
  • Dr. John Forkin, MBE, DL
  • Brigadier Adam Fraser-Hitchen, DL
  • Alan Goodwin, QPM, DL
  • Nick Hodgson, DL
  • Griselda Kerr, DL
  • Lord Ralph Kerr, DL
  • Scott Knowles, DL
  • The Hon. David Legh, DL
  • Terry McDermott, QFSM, DL
  • Derek Mapp, DL
  • Professor Kathryn Mitchell, CBE, DL
  • Christopher Nieper, OBE, DL
  • Louise Potter, DL
  • Ruchita Shaikh, DL
  • Robert Shields, DL
  • James Shuttleworth, DL
  • Colin Smith, CBE, DL
  • James Stafford, DL
  • Tony Walker, CBE, DL
  • Sir Andrew Walker-Okeover, Bt, DL
  • Susan Welch, MVO, DL
  • David Wheatcroft, MVO, DL
  • John White, DL
  • David Williams, DL


The correct form of address for the Lord-Lieutenant is:

  • Written – Mrs. Elizabeth Fothergill, CBE, HM Lord-Lieutenant of Derbyshire
  • Salutation - Dear Lord-Lieutenant
  • In a speech – In the preamble the Lord-Lieutenant is referred to as My Lord-Lieutenant
  • Conversation – Mrs. Fothergill or Lord-Lieutenant

Mrs. Fothergill is married and her husband, Richard, is addressed as Mr. Fothergill.