Landlord information

As a landlord, you are an important stakeholder in the service that we provide.  We aim to work with you to ensure you receive payment promptly and also to ensure any overpayment of benefit is minimised.  In return we would ask you to respect our obligations towards claimant confidentiality and the Data Protection Act when you make enquiries about your tenants.

We can pay your tenants' Housing Benefit entitlement directly to you - provided your tenant agrees or if they are more than eight weeks in arrears with their rent payments.  Where a claimant is receiving Local Housing Allowance, this will normally be paid directly to the tenant (unless they are in arrears or 'vulnerable' under the Safeguards Policy).

Please note that if you accept direct payment from us we may require you to pay back money if your tenant receives Housing Benefit to which they are not entitled.

If we decide it is appropriate to recover the money from you, we will send you an invoice.  The invoice will show the period of the overpayment, the name of the tenant and the amount of the overpayment. You will have the right to request a fuller explanation or dispute our decision. 

We are always ready to listen to feedback concerning the services that we offer. Most of what we do is directed by statute or Government rules, however if we can improve our services we will do our best to listen to you!