Council tax support

Council Tax Support: You can apply for a reduction of the Council Tax that you pay on the home you occupy as your 'normal address' by contacting the Council's Benefit Section and completing either a paper form or an on-line electronic claim form.

Council Tax Support (or CTS) is a means tested, income related entitlement with your award 'being credited' to the relevant council tax bill to reduce the payments of council tax expected from you. The amount of CTS you are entitled to will appear printed on the bill you receive.

Derbyshire Dales District Council has adopted a local Council Tax Support (Reduction Scheme) for 2020/21 using various figures provided by the Government for its national Housing Benefit scheme, with some additional local provisions detailed below:

  1. Awards of Council Tax Support under the scheme for all working-age claimants will be capped at 91.5% of the amount that you are charged in-year. This means that all working age claimants have at least 8.5% of their Council Tax liability to pay with the year's bill listing the instalments required.
  2. Income from War Pensions* for all claimants will be disregarded in full in calculating a person's entitlement to Council Tax Support under the scheme.
  3. Working age claimants will be entitled to an extended amount of Council Tax Support under the scheme for a period of 8 weeks which means that their entitlement will not immediately reduce when they start work or increase their earnings/hours.
  4. Provision is made for Hardship Relief (see below) whereby additional Council Tax Support can be awarded on a discretionary basis in exceptional circumstances. Applications for Hardship Relief will be considered on their individual merits and any awards will made for fixed periods on a case-by-case basis. The Council has decided to set aside a 'discretionary pot' totalling £18,000 for 2020/21. Any successful application for extra help would be paid from this cash-limited fund.
  5. Claimant households are encouraged to apply for a discretionary top up where they can demonstrate a financial vulnerability (e.g. difficulties with budgeting for household bills and/or have health difficulties or caring responsibilities). All sensitive information will be held securely and used solely for the purposes of deciding the discretionary award.

*Including War Widow's Pension, War Widower's Pension, War Disablement Pension and Armed Forces Compensation Payments.

Download the full text of our Council Tax Reduction Scheme, often referred to as Council Tax Support.

Council Tax Support - Discretionary Help

Derbyshire Dales District Council's Council Tax Support scheme includes a provision for Discretionary Hardship Relief to enable us to award extra financial help to any bill payer finding it difficult to budget and make the monthly payments expected on time.

Although we disregard various income types in calculating 'main Council Tax Support, we do appreciate that sometimes some customers may find it difficult to keep up with their payments in budgeting for a range of other bills and outgoings. It is also important to note that the Welfare System in the UK has also undergone considerable changes in recent times as part of welfare reform and austerity. 

Hardship Relief will be available to provide additional assistance e.g. to those residents most adversely affected by the changes, and allow the Council a degree of flexibility in dealing with cases of exceptional hardship where the liable person has some council tax to pay following the award of CTS.

Full details of the Hardship Relief provisions are contained within the Council's regulations (see above links for relevant details).

In simple terms, we are here to help and advise you.