Excess recycling

Whether you use a blue-lid bin for recycling at your property or a combination of blue bags and blue box, we will take additional material if placed at the side of your recycling container(s) providing it is easily identifiable as recycling material and is suitably contained.

Use transparent containers (such as stacker boxes) rather than black bags so that the content can be easily identified.
Alternatively blue bags can be provided for additional recycling if it's a regular issue please complete our online form.
Please ensure any excess card, paper, magazines etc are separated from other excess recycling, ie glass, plastics, cans, beverage cartons, aerosols and foil trays.
  • Flatten and where possible remove all staples and packaging tape from cardboard, removing all polystyrene and bubble wrap
  • Pieces of cardboard that will not fit in your container can be flattened and placed next to the container for collection
  • Large cardboard boxes should be flattened and broken down into smaller pieces no wider than 0.5m to fit the recycling compartment of our trucks
 Large families that regularly produce lots of excess recycling can contact us to request an additional blue lidded bin if they have storage space.
We are always happy to discuss recycling options with our residents using the contact methods above.

Large recycling items

There are four household waste recycling centres in and near to the Derbyshire Dales:

The centres are run by Derbyshire County Council and are for any items of waste from your own house which may be too large or bulky to be taken by your normal waste collection. Additional household waste can also be taken. There is no charge for disposing of waste at these centres.

For a full list of sites, further details on what waste is accepted and not accepted, and information about using the sites, please visit Derbyshire County Council's website.

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