Missed collections

Report a missed collection

If you have followed all of the guidance below and your waste/recycling was still not collected on the expected day of collection, please complete our online reporting form. Please report all missed collections within two working days of the scheduled collection.

If your bin or container has been genuinely missed, a report will be sent to Serco and they will send a vehicle as soon as possible.

Why was my container/bin not collected?

There are a number of reasons why your container/bin has not been emptied including:

  • Is today your collection day? Please check your collection day by visiting our "When is my collection" page.
  • Have you put out the correct container?
  • Was your container put out for collection by 7am at the edge of your property?
  • Have you put the correct materials in your container?
  • Is the bin overloaded or the lid up?
  • Have you put additional household waste at the side of your bin?
  • Has the waste in your bin been compacted?

Sticker/tag placed on container/bin

If we think there's a particular problem with your bin or container, our crews will place a sticker or a tag on them explaining why.  If your bin or container is contaminated with the wrong materials you will need to remove the items that shouldn't be in your container and put them in the correct container.  If this is not possible, if you contact us, we'll tell you what to do.


If your bin is overloaded you must remove some of the content before the bin can be emptied. Why? Because there's a risk the bin could split when lifted or slip off the lift. There is also a risk our crews could be injured when trying to move it.

Extra bags

If you have put extra bags of waste at the side of your bin our crews will empty the bin and place the extra bag back into your bin.  We, do not collect side waste - only waste inside your bin will be taken.

Compacted waste

If your bin has not been emptied properly because waste has been squashed down in the bin and become stuck in the bottom, our crews will not attempt to loosen it by hand.  Please loosen the waste using a broom handle and take care not to compact your waste in future.  Once loosened, this waste should be left in your bin until your next collection or disposed of at your nearest recycling bank or household waste recycling centre.

Why has only half my waste been collected?

Have you ever noticed that your blue bin, blue bag or blue box is collected but not your green bin and food caddy or visa versa? This is quiet normal as on your "green recycling" day two refuse lorries are used to collect your waste.

Your green-lid bin and food caddy will be collected by one lorry and your blue-lid bin/box/bag collected by a second lorry. For some it may work the other way round..... your blue-lid bin/box/bag may be collected first with your green-lid bin and food caddy second.

If you notice that only half your waste has been collected, don't worry. The second lorry will arrive later the same day to collect the remaining waste.

With regards to "general waste" collection days, you can expect one truck which will collect your grey bin/black sacks and food caddy together.

The refuse lorries have split compartments, one type of waste goes in to one compartment (e.g. food waste) and another type (e.g. general household waste) into the other compartment. This avoids cross contamination and ensures that the various types of waste can be disposed/recycled correctly.

A picture of a blue-lid bin with the text When is my collection? alongside