Bin charges FAQs

Replacing bins and sacks for free was currently costing you, our Council Tax payers, around £38,000 a year. Because of further cuts in central government funding, from 1 April 2017 we will be charging for this service.

Following a public consultation in 2016, charges will apply for replacement grey wheeled bins where the bin has gone missing or been damaged. There will also be a nominal charge to replace green-lid bins. But all replacement recycling containers including blue-lid bins, inserts, blue bags, kerbside and kitchen caddies remain free of charge.


There will be charges for replacement bins from 1 April 2017. These Frequently Asked Questions may help you understand what is happening from 1 April. Further down the page are FAQs about changes to black sack deliveries

Bin FAQs

Why have you introduced a charge for replacement waste containers? 
Although the District Council is statutorily obliged to provide waste services it is not required to provide containers free of charge. Due to significant budget cuts the council needs to save £700,000 over the next 4 years. Currently the provision of replacement waste and recycling bins is costing the council (and therefore the tax payer) approximately £38,000 a year. The council can no longer afford to provide all of the replacement containers (including sacks) free of charge. We have only levied a nominal charge for green-lid bins and all recycling containers remain free of charge.

What should I do if my bin goes missing? 
If the bin isn’t at your usual collection point, check other nearby areas of your road. Sometimes bins reappear because someone has mistakenly taken the wrong bin after collection.  If your bin is still missing, complete our online form.

How much will it cost me to replace my bin? 
Replacement 140 litre grey bin = £22.40
Replacement 240 litre grey bin = £27.85
Replacement 240 litre green bin = £16.70
Replacement 240 litre blue bin or insert = free of charge
Replacement Kerbside or Kitchen Caddy = free of charge

Do I need to pay for replacement recycling bins or containers? 
No charge has been introduced for the replacement blue-lid bins or recycling containers.

How do I pay for a replacement bin?
You can pay for replacement grey 140 litre bins, replacement green-lid bins and additional green-lid bins using our online form. 

My circumstances have changed and I now require a 240 litre bin due to either having a child in nappies or 5 or more residents living permanently at the address. Do I have to pay to change my 140 litre grey bin to a 240 litre grey bin?
Yes. There is a charge of £27.85 for the increase in grey bin size from 140 litre to 240 litre where the eligibility criteria is met and a form has been completed.

I currently have a 240 litre grey bin which is broken and I am no longer eligible for the 240 litre bin. Can I have a standard size bin free of charge? 
No. There will be a charge of £22.40 for the 140 litre grey bin.

How can I prevent my wheeled bins from going missing? 
We recommend that you label all of your bins clearly with your house name or number. Placing your bins out on the day of collection by 7am and returning them to your property as soon as possible after collection can help to ensure that they are safe.

I am moving house within the district, should I take my wheeled bins with me?
No. Please leave your wheeled bins at your property. We would recommend that you check with the previous owner when buying a new property that they will be leaving the bins at the property when they move.  All residents at new build properties will be required to pay £22.40 for a grey 140 litre bin (or £27.85 for a 240 litre grey bin where they qualify for the larger bin) and will be supplied with a blue-lid bin, green bin and set of food caddies free of charge.

What will happen if my bin goes missing but I don’t replace it and start putting out sacks instead? 
The refuse collectors will collect household waste in black sacks twice to allow time for the bin to be replaced. After the second collection, they will stop collecting black sacks from the property.

I will not be at home to take delivery of the bin, how can I be sure it has been delivered? 
A note will be posted through the door upon delivery of the replacement bin. The wheeled bins have serial numbers and deliveries are recorded on our system.

Can I buy my own bin? 
The EPA states that we can specify that the wheeled bins we empty meet our required specification. The bin must be of the same dimensions and colour as the bins provided by Derbyshire Dales District Council and must meet the British Standards Institute Kite mark Standard. Bins that do not meet our required specification will not be emptied.

Once I have paid for a wheeled bin, does it belong to me? 
No. The wheeled bin remains the property of the District Council and the cost covers the delivery and administration of the bin.

My bin has a large split in it; do I have to buy a replacement? 
Yes. The collection crew may stop emptying your bin if it is so damaged that it would be unsafe for them to empty it.

Black sack FAQs

Why do I no longer receive an annual supply of black sacks? 
The annual supply of black sacks to 5000 properties costs £9,785 per annum. This includes the cost of purchasing the sacks and delivery to the properties. The council can no longer afford to provide these sacks free of charge. The last free delivery took place in April/May 2017.

What do you mean by a “standard size black sack”? 
We mean standard size “refuse” sacks not “wheeled bin sacks”.

Does it matter where I buy the sacks from?
No. You can choose which outlet you wish to buy your standard size refuse sacks from.

Can I buy sacks from the District Council? 
No. The District Council will not sell black sacks.

Can I put other coloured bin liners out for collection? (e.g. white liners, carrier bags)
No. Only standard size black sacks will be collected.

Is it fair that I am not provided with black sacks when other properties have been provided with wheeled bins? 
The wheeled bins come with a life expectancy of 10 years. The grey bins are now exceeding their 10 year life expectancy and residents on wheeled bin collections will now have to pay for replacement bins. Residents on sack collections have been provided with free black sacks for over 10 years but will now have to purchase their own. 
Replacement recycling containers continue to be provided free of charge.

Replacing bins and sacks for free is currently costing you, our Council Tax payers, around £38,000 a year. Because of further cuts in central government funding, from 1 April 2017 we will be charging for this service.