Blue Badge

Apply: To apply for/renew a Blue Badge, please visit the Derbyshire County Council website. 

Car parks upgraded for Blue Badge holders

From 1 April 2017 Blue Badge holders pay the same as other motorists to use Derbyshire Dales District Council's upgraded pay and display car parks - but are given an extra hour to get to and from their vehicles.

Charging motorists who hold a disabled badge was part of a wide-ranging car parks review undertaken by the District Council in 2013, involving a full consultation with local residents.

A District Council spokesperson said: "The Blue Badge Scheme provides for motorists who have disabilities that impair mobility - it is not intended to provide financial assistance in respect of parking and is not means tested.

“The District Council does however recognise that disabled people require special provision in our car parks, which is why last year, guided by the Derbyshire Coalition for Inclusive Living, we invested significantly to make adjustments in our car parks for the benefit of disabled users, increasing the number of designated spaces and installed new accessible pay points.

"We also believe it is fair that disabled people get an extra hour over and above the time period they pay for, to give them extra time to get to and from their vehicle."

The existing right of Blue Badge holders to park on restricted stretches of the public highway is not affected by the new charging scheme proposal. Blue Badge holders will continue to exercise that right in areas that do not cause obstruction.

There are a number of designated spaces in most of the car parks which are wider for wheelchair access. If the car park you are using has no disabled bays, or if they are full, the blue badge can be used in any pay and display bay.

Your badge must be clearly displayed on the dashboard. Vehicles parked in disabled bays, without clearly displaying valid blue badges may be issued a Penalty Charge Notice.

Further information on the Blue Badge scheme.

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