Matlock park river bridge closed

If you're planning to attend the Matlock Victorian Christmas Market or are simply visiting our award-winning Hall Leys Park, please note that we've had to close off the river bridge to Olde Englishe Road due to a structural issue.

The nearest alternative entrance to the park is via Crown Square. There are of course several other pedestrian entrances via Causeway Lane and Knowleston Place.

We believe the bridge will be closed off for at least the three days of the market - today, tomorrow and Sunday - and most probably longer.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

The market is on daily from 9am - until 6pm today, 6pm on Sunday and 7pm on Saturday.

We announced on 21 December that , following an inspection, a specification for a temporary repair is under preparation and we hope to have this work completed so that we can re-open the bridge before the end of January. Following this, there will need to be a further planned closure later next year to enable a full replacement of the structure supporting the pedestrian footway.
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