Dealing with your petition

Within 5 working days of receipt, the Petitions Officer will acknowledge receipt to the petition organiser.

In some cases, the Petitions Officer may be able to resolve the petitioners' request directly, by getting the relevant Officer to take appropriate action. For example where the petition relates to fly-tipping and the District Council can arrange for it to be cleared up directly. Where this is done, the Petitions Officer will ask the petition organiser whether s/he considers that the matter is resolved.

Unless the matter has been resolved to the satisfaction of the petition organiser, the Petitions Officer will aim, within 10 working days of receipt of the petition, to provide a substantive response to the petition organiser setting out to whom petition will be reported to for consideration, when and where that will take place and inviting the petition organiser to attend that meeting, or be represented, and to address the meeting for up to 3 minutes on the issue covered by the petition.

Whilst we are committed to dealing with petitions promptly, a petition will normally need to be received at least 10 working days before a relevant meeting if it is to be reported to that meeting. Where it is necessary to undertake a significant amount of work to collect information and advice to enable the matter to be properly considered, it may be necessary for the Petitions Officer to decide that the petition will be held over until the following meeting of the relevant body.

At the same time as responding to the petition organiser, the Petitions Officer will notify the relevant Committee Chair and Ward Member of receipt of the petition.