Proxy vote

You may still be able to vote even if you are unable to get to your polling station on Election Day. You can apply to vote by post or proxy. A proxy is someone who votes on your behalf.

If you want to appoint a proxy to vote for you, he or she must be willing to vote on your behalf and legally allowed to vote.

You will need to enter your proxy's name and address, together with details of their relationship to you (if any) on the form. A proxy may not vote at the same election for more than two people unless they are a close relative (spouse, civil partner, parent, grandparent, brother, sister or grandchild) of the people they are voting for.

Your proxy does not have to sign the form but please ensure that they are aware of the appointment and are happy to vote on your behalf.  If the person you want to be your proxy does not live in the same area as you, and would have to travel to attend your usual polling station - they should consider applying for a Postal Proxy Vote.

Your proxy will be sent details on how to cast your vote for you a week or two before the day of the election. However, you are still able to vote for yourself provided you can do so before your proxy votes for you. In these circumstances, if your proxy still goes to the polling station, he or she would not be allowed to vote.

How do I apply?

Please contact the Election Help Line on 01629 761335 to request an application form. A personalised form will be posted to you. When the form arrives, complete and return it as soon as possible. 

Alternatively, you can download a postal vote form from the YourVoteMatters website.

Please return completed forms to:

Electoral Registration
Derbyshire Dales District Council
Town Hall

As soon as an election has been announced, If you know that you will not be able to vote in person, ask for an application form.

The Electoral Registration Officer must receive your completed application form by 5pm six working days before Election Day.  However, "emergency" proxy votes will be allowed after this up to 5pm on the day of the poll.

What do I do next?

If you have applied to vote by proxy and your application is accepted, your proxy will receive a "Proxy Paper" which allows him or her to vote on your behalf on election day.