Postal voting


Anyone included in the Electoral Register may apply for a postal vote, provided that they have been confirmed under the Individual Electoral Registration system. (Please call our Helpline on 01629 761335 if you need to check whether you are confirmed).  You do not have to state any reason and the form does not have to be countersigned.

You may set up a postal vote on a permanent basis or one temporarily for a specific election. You can also have one set up for a specific period (eg while a student is away at university).

Postal votes are normally sent out a couple of weeks  before an election is held. This should give the elector ample opportunity to fill out the ballot paper and return it by post to our office before the close of poll on election day. Postal votes can also be returned by hand to the Matlock Town Hall or to a polling station within the appropriate electoral area, again before the close of poll.

A postal vote can be sent to the voter's home address or to an address where he/she is resident at the time of the election. However, for security reasons, existing postal voters must give a reason if they ask for their postal votes to be re-directed. A postal vote may even be sent overseas, but this is not recommended as there is very little time for the voter to receive and return the ballot paper in time for polling day. In these circumstances, it may be preferable to appoint a proxy.

A voter sent a postal vote will not be allowed to vote in person at a polling station unless s/he has cancelled the postal vote before the appropriate deadline. Replacements for lost or spoilt postal voting papers can be collected from the Town Hall up to 5pm on the day of the poll. In these circumstances, voters will be asked to produce proof of identity.

How do I apply?

Download the form here [PDF] and return it to the Town Hall, Matlock or contact the Election Help Line for an application form and a personalised form will be posted to you. Please complete and return it as soon as possible in the envelope provided.