2020 Canvass

Your District Council will be contacting all properties from 1 August onwards to confirm that the information held on the Electoral Register is complete and accurate.

Why do we have an Annual Canvass?

The Electoral Registration Officer(ERO) is legally required to contact every household, on an annual basis, to check that the information held in the Electoral Register is complete and accurate. The Register should include every eligible person who is resident at the household.

Householders are under a legal obligation to provide the information requested by the ERO at the annual canvass.

We realise that this can seem onerous, particularly where no changes have occurred, and we have, therefore, sought to provide a number of ways in which the information can be provided, as follows:

If there are NO CHANGES to the information sent to you

  • Phone 0800 316 1570 - you will need to the use two security codes that we  send to you.
  • online at www.registersecurely.com/derbyshiredales - you will need to use the two security codes that we send to you
  • complete and return the paper form

If there are CHANGES to the information sent to you

By using the telephone or online response options you will help us to cut the cost of the Annual Canvass, which is funded by taxpayers money.


Sending paper forms to over 34000 households, and processing them, is increasingly expensive and we are looking to cut that cost, this year, by trying out alternative means of requesting the information we need.  So that we can assess the effectiveness, as well as the costs, of the various approaches some households will still receive the standard Household Enquiry Form by post, others will receive a simplified version of the Household Enquiry Form and others will receive an email inviting them to submit the information online or by phone.

If you are unable to provide the requested information by any of the means shown above please call our Helpline on 01629 761335, where a member of our Business Support Team will be happy to take the information from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have already sent confirmation of my/our registration - why do I need to fill in another form now? See answer

Why do I need to do anything if there are no changes? See answer

What will happen if I do nothing? See answer

Why are you showing the previous residents of our property but not us? See answer

You have already sent me a form and now I have received another one? See answer

Do I have to respond if the property is empty? See answer

What do I do if none of the residents are eligible to vote or the property is a holiday let? See answer

I don't want to be on the Open Register? See answer

Should students remain on the register at their home address?
See Answer

We are moving shortly, what should I do? See answer

Someone listed has died, what should I do? See answer

Someone listed on the form has moved into a nursing home.
See answer

The address on the form is wrong - what should I do? See answer

The confirmation you refer to relates to your individual registration. Your name is included in the information we have sent to you because you are already on our Register. However, we still need to check whether there have been any changes to the occupancy of the property during the year.  If, for instance, you were to add the name of a 16 or 17 year old we would send them and Individual Electoral Registration Form so that they could complete their personal registration. Equally, if you were to cross off someone who no longer lives at your address we would have to check, via a different source, or conduct a Review of their registration (by writing to them at your address) before we could remove them. Top of page

We still need confirmation that nothing has changed and you are legally required to provide that information - see here for how you can confirm that there are no changes. Top of page

We will send a reminder and, if we do not receive a response to that, we will send a personal canvasser to call on you. Ultimately, there is a criminal penalty of up to £1000 for failing to provide the information requested by the ERO. We really do not want to go down that route and encourage you to provide the information requested promptly, as sending reminders and canvassers increases the cost of the process which is paid for out of public funds. Top of page

You will only be listed on the form if you have completed individual registration. The previous residents are still there because we have not received information that would enable us to delete their names from the register. You should delete their names and add those of any current residents who are eligible to vote.  You can do this online as shown here. When we receive the information we will send individual registration forms to those you have listed unless they register online now at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote - this is the simplest way to register (you will need to have your National Insurance Number to hand). We will mark the people you have crossed off for removal but may need to write Review Letters to them, at your address, if we are unable to verify their absence by any other means. If no response is received to the Review Letters they will be removed from the Register. Top of page

If the second form is addressed to "The Occupier" it is probably a reminder. If you have responded recently to the original it may be that the data was sent to the printer before we received your response. If the second form is addressed to a named person it will be an Invitation to Register. They need to register online at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote - unless they have already done so - or complete and return the form to complete their registration.Top of page

Yes, we need to know that the property has become or remains empty.  If it is now a commercial property or is derelict/demolished please email electoral@derbyshiredales.gov.uk (giving the address) or call our Helpline on 01629 761335 to let us know as we will need to remove it from the Register.Top of page

Please respond, crossing off anyone listed who is not eligible. Top of page

The Open Register is an extract of the Electoral Register and is available for sale to anyone.  The information we send will show whether or not your name is currently on the Open Register.  If you wish to change your preference with regard to the Open Register you can do that by responding as shown here.

Students are permitted to register at both their home and term-time addresses. It is advisable to maintain their registration at home as continuous residence at an address is a consideration in credit applications.  Please note that, if a student also registers at university and completes the section that asks about their previous registration, s/he may get a letter stating they have been removed at their home address because the Government Digital Services, that verifies applications, does not recognise their special status and sends notification of their new registration to the authority that holds their current one. It is an offence for anyone to vote twice in the same election.         Top of page

Please provide the requested information by one of the means shown. When you move you should each register at your new home. You can do that at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote or by contacting the relevant electoral registration office and asking for a form. When you register at your new address, we will be informed and will remove you from our Register.  We will then send another Household Enquiry Form to the new residents.
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If someone listed on the form has died please cross off their name and, if possible, indicate that they are deceased.  Top of page

If someone has moved permanently to a nursing home they should be removed from the form and they should register at their new address. If they are likely to return home within a reasonable time, they should stay on the Register at their original address.
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If you think the form is incorrectly addressed please, firstly, ensure that it has been correctly delivered.  If that is the case please mark the necessary amendments on the form and return it or email electoral@derbyshiredales.gov.uk with details of the error. Our addresses are generated by the District Council's gazetteer that holds details of all properties in the area and we will pass your comments to the staff that deal with that service for consideration of the changes. Top of page



Your District Council will be contacting all properties from 1 August onwards to confirm that the information held on the Electoral Register is complete and accurate.