Spending of £250+

We as a council believe it is important to be open and transparent, with you the residents, in terms of how we spend your money. The publication of this list of spend over £250 demonstrates this commitment, and we welcome your comments on how we might improve on the provision of this information in the future.

Description Derbyshire Dales District Council payments to suppliers of £250+
Format CSV / PDF
Update Monthly
Reviewed 28/11/2016
Notes Further information on supplier payments and the payments to supplier datasets



May CSV [52KB] / PDF [1030KB]
April CSV [55KB] / PDF [1010KB]
March CSV [73KB] / PDF [1350KB] 
February CSV [63KB] / PDF [1170KB]
January     CSV [65KB] / PDF [1170KB]



December CSV [58KB] / PDF [1100KB]
November CSV [48KB] / PDF [457 KB]
October CSV [45KB] / PDF [932 KB]
September CSV [58KB] / PDF [497KB]
August CSV [70KB] / PDF [1350KB]
July CSV [73KB] / PDF [1438KB]
June CSV [41KB] / PDF [266KB]
May CSV [42KB] / PDF [996KB]
April CSV [51KB] / PDF [1131KB]
March  CSV [56KB] / PDF [358KB]
February  CSV [53KB] / PDF [279KB]
January        CSV [45KB] / PDF [910KB]


December CSV [51KB] / PDF [483KB]
November CSV [67KB] / PDF [489KB]
October CSV [42KB] / PDF [321KB]
September CSV [41KB] / PDF [319KB]
August CSV [37KB] / PDF [896KB]
July CSV [58KB] / PDF [350KB]
June CSV [29KB] / PDF [255KB]
May CSV [23KB] / PDF [248KB]
April CSV [41KB] / PDF [262KB]
March CSV [52KB] / PDF [276KB]
February CSV [46KB] / PDF [267KB]
January       CSV [40KB] / PDF [263KB]


December CSV [47KB] / PDF [268KB]
November CSV [52KB] / PDF [338KB]
October CSV [42KB] / PDF [264KB]
September CSV [55KB] / PDF [271KB]
August CSV [47KB] / PDF [264KB]
July CSV [53KB] / PDF [270KB]
June CSV [32KB] / PDF [277KB]
May CSV [35KB] / PDF [288KB]
 April CSV [38KB] / PDF [246KB]
 March CSV [33KB] / PDF [223KB]
 February CSV [30KB] / PDF [304KB]
January      CSV [33KB] / PDF [355KB]


December CSV [33KB] / PDF [280KB]
November CSV [53KB] / PDF [93KB]
October CSV [62KB] / PDF [43KB]
September CSV [44KB] / PDF [37KB]
August CSV [50KB] / PDF [94KB]
July CSV [54KB] / PDF [47KB]
June CSV [45KB] / PDF [47KB]
May CSV [47KB] / PDF [46KB]
April CSV [47KB] / PDF [40KB]
 March CSV [43KB] / PDF [139KB]
 February CSV [42KB] / PDF [110KB]
 January CSV [59KB] / PDF [44KB]


December CSV [34KB]/PDF [36KB]
November CSV [45KB]/PDF [45KB]
October CSV [58KB]/PDF [133KB]
September CSV [56KB]/PDF [131KB]
August CSV [30KB]/PDF [36 KB]
July CSV [96KB]/PDF [42KB]
June CSV [33KB]/PDF [40KB]

CSV [62KB]/PDF [37KB]

April  CSV [67KB]/PDF [523KB]
March  CSV [68KB]/PDF [526KB]
February  CSV [57KB]/PDF [449KB]
January  CSV [61KB]/PDF [477KB]


December  CSV [63KB]/PDF [473KB]
November  CSV [62KB]/PDF [470KB]
October  CSV [64KB]/PDF [513KB]
September  CSV [61KB]/PDF [486KB]
August  CSV [61KB]/PDF [488KB]
July  CSV [64KB]/PDF [518KB]
June  CSV [56KB]/PDF [38KB]
May  CSV [56KB]/PDF [38KB]
April  CSV [64KB]/PDF [100KB]
March  CSV [70KB]/PDF [41KB]
February  CSV [46KB]/PDF [34KB]
January  CSV [59KB]/PDF[39KB]



December CSV [46KB]/PDF [35KB]


CSV [62KB] / PDF [494KB]


CSV [51KB] / PDF [38KB]
September CSV [59 KB] / pdf[484kb]
August CSV [51 KB] / PDF [414KB]
July  CSV [60 KB] / PDF [45 KB]
June  CSV [48 KB] / PDF [35 KB]
May  CSV [53KB] / PDF [36KB]
April  CSV [0.60MB] / PDF [0.49MB]
Mar  CSV [0.06MB] / PDF [0.48MB]
Feb  CSV [0.03MB] / PDF [0.2MB]
Jan  CSV [0.03MB] / PDF [0.8MB]


Dec  CSV [0.03MB] / PDF [0.2MB]
Nov  CSV [0.05MB] / PDF [0.2 MB]
Oct  CSV [0.05MB] / PDF [0.1 MB]
Sep  CSV [0.03MB] / PDF [0.2 MB]
Aug  CSV [0.03MB] / PDF [0.2 MB]
Jul  CSV [0.03MB] / PDF [0.2 MB]
Jun  CSV [0.03MB] / PDF [0.2 MB]
May  CSV [0.03MB] / PDF [0.66MB]
Apr  CSV [0.03MB] / PDF [0.04MB]
Mar  CSV [0.04MB] / PDF [0.35MB]
Feb  CSV [0.03MB] / PDF [0.03MB]
Jan  CSV [0.03MB] / PDF [0.6MB]


Dec  CSV [0.03MB] / PDF [0.03MB]
Nov  CSV [0.04MB] / PDF [0.6MB]
Oct  CSV [0.04MB] / PDF [0.7MB]
Sep  CSV [0.03MB] / PDF [0.5MB]
Aug  CSV [0.03MB] / PDF [0.02MB]
Jul  CSV [0.04MB] / PDF [0.03MB]
Jun  CSV [0.04MB] / PDF [0.03MB]
May  CSV [0.04MB] / PDF [0.02MB]
Apr  CSV [0.04MB] / PDF [0.02MB]
Mar  CSV [0.04MB] / PDF [0.02MB]
Feb  CSV [0.04MB] / PDF [0.02MB]
Jan  CSV [0.03MB] / PDF [0.06MB]


Dec  CSV [0.03MB] / PDF [0.02MB]
Nov  CSV [0.03MB] / PDF [0.03MB]
Oct  CSV [0.04MB] / PDF [0.03MB]
Sep  CSV [0.04MB] / PDF [0.02MB]
Aug  CSV [0.04MB] / PDF [0.02MB]
Jul  CSV [0.04MB] / PDF [0.02MB]
Jun  CSV [0.03MB] / PDF [0.02MB]
May  CSV [40KB] / PDF [27KB]
Apr  CSV [34KB] / PDF [26KB]
Mar  CSV [45KB] / PDF [27KB]
Feb  CSV [40KB] / PDF [27KB]
Jan  CSV [31KB] / PDF [23KB]


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