Senior salaries

Senior officers and structure

To improve transparency and accountability, we publish details of the salaries paid to our senior management team on a yearly basis.

Under the Local government transparency code 2014 individuals have the option to refuse to consent for their name to be published, and so not all names are listed. However, all salaries above £50,000 are shown, and we will continue to publish senior salary information on a yearly basis.

Description  Derbyshire Dales District Council senior salaries
Format  CSV/PDF
Update frequency  Yearly (April)
Last updated  29 September 2014


Financial Year Documents
2020/21 Pay Policy Statement 2020/21
2018/19 Pay Policy Statement
2016/17 Pay Policy Statement
2014/15 Senior Salaries - CSV [0.01MB] / PDF [0.02MB]
Organisational Structure - PDF [0.1MB]
2013/14 Senior Salaries - CSV [0.01MB] / PDF [0.02MB]
Organisational Structure - PDF [0.1MB]
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Organisational Structure - PDF [0.1MB]
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Local pay policy statement

We also produce a policy statement in accordance with Sections 38 to 43 of the Localism Act 2011. You can view this statement at our Pay Policy Statement pages.