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Governance & Resources Committee

The Governance & Resources Committee was created at the Annual Council Meeting on 28 May 2015, replacing the former Corporate Committee.  Recent Agendas and Minutes from the former Corporate Committee are available below.

View the membership of this Committee here.

Agenda and supporting documentation will be available online 5 days prior to the meeting. Minutes will be available 5 working days after the meeting and will be considered for approval at the following meeting.


Location: Council Chamber, Town Hall, Matlock
Time: 6.00pm

Date Agenda Minutes
28 February Agenda [PDF 10.5MB]  Minutes [PDF 80KB]
17 January Agenda  [PDF 3.4MB]  Minutes [PDF 77KB]


Location: Council Chamber, Town Hall, Matlock
Time: 6.00pm

 Date Agenda Minutes
22 November Agenda [PDF 3MB] Minutes [PDF 115KB]
20 September Agenda [PDF 2.7MB] NOTE: Item 13 - Arrears for Write Off (EXEMPT REPORT - not available to Public) Minutes [PDF 161KB]
19 July Agenda (PDF 460KB] Minutes [PDF 150KB]
14 June Agenda [PDF 1.8MB] Minutes [PDF 162KB]
 18 January Agenda UPDATED [PDF 3.2MB]  Minutes [PDF 445KB]


Location: Council Chamber, Town Hall, Matlock
Time: 6.00pm

Date Agenda Minutes
23 November 2017 Agenda [PDF 2MB] Minutes [PDF 74KB]
14 September 2017 Agenda [PDF 5MB]
Item 7 Appendix 2 - Draft Statement of Accounts 2016/17 [1MB] (published separately to Agenda)
Minutes [PDF 99KB]
29 June 2017 Agenda [PDF 4MB]  Minutes [PDF 158KB]
23 March 2017 Agenda [PDF 2.6MB]  Minutes [PDF 180KB]
19 January 2017 Agenda [PDF 4 MB]  Minutes [PDF 460KB]


Location: Council Chamber, Town Hall, Matlock
Time: 6.00pm

Date Agenda Minutes
15 December 2016 Agenda [PDF 1MB] Minutes [PDF 69 KB]
3 November 2016 Agenda [PDF 1MB]
Item 8 [PDF 190KB] - Procurement of Fitness Equipment
Minutes [PDF 103KB]
22 September 2016 Agenda [PDF 3 MB]
Draft Statement of Accounts 2015/16 [PDF 1MB (published separately to Agenda)
Minutes [PDF 109 KB]
9 June 2016 Agenda [PDF 2MB] Item 15 Minutes [PDF159  KB]
24 March

Agenda [PDF 1.3MB]
Updated Report - Item 13  - Property Condition Surveys 2016 - Town Hall Works [27KB]

 Minutes [PDF 1KB]
21 January

Agenda [4.37MB]

 Minutes [PDF 348KB]


Location: Council Chamber, Town Hall, Matlock
Time: 6.00pm

Date Agenda Minutes
5 November

Agenda [PDF 1.94MB]

Minutes [PDF 145KB]
16 July

Agenda [PDF 1.6MB]

Appendices [PDF 0.75MB]

Minutes [PDF 0.18MB] 
17 September 2015

Agenda [PDF 2.18MB]

Appendices [PDF 1.04MB]

Minutes [PDF .017MB]


Committee members

Conservative Labour Liberal Democrat Independent
Albert Catt Deborah Botham Steve Flitter Colin Swindell
Tom Donnelly Mike Ratcliffe    
Chris Furness (Vice Chair)      
Alyson Hill      
Neil Horton      
Angus Jenkins      
Jean Monks      
Garry Purdy      
Lewis Rose OBE      
Mark Salt      
Jacquie Stevens (Chair)      
John Tibenham      
Jo Wild      
Substitutes Substitutes Substitutes Substitutes
Jason Atkin Joyce Pawley Susan Burfoot  
Jennifer Bower Irene Ratcliffe    
Richard Bright      
Sue Bull      
David Chapman      
Ann Elliott      
Richard FitzHerbert      
Helen Froggatt      
Susan Hobson      
Vicky Massey-Bloodworth      
Dermot Murphy      
Philippa Tilbrook      


Former Corporate Committee


Date Agenda Minutes
19 Mar Agenda [PDF 3.85MB]
Agenda Item 8 (published separately) [PDF 1.8MB]
Item 16 updating report [PDF 0.4MB]

Minutes [PDF 0.2MB]


Date Agenda Minutes
13 Jan Agenda [PDF 3MB] Minutes [PDF 0.02MB]
20 Mar Agenda [PDF 7.52MB] Minutes [PDF 0.05MB] 
26 June Agenda [PDF 0.9MB] Minutes [PDF 0.011MB]
18 Sept Agenda [PDF 3MB]
Item 10 - Appendix - Draft Statement of Accounts 2013/14 [PDF 0.6MB]
Minutes [PDF 0.012MB] 
11 Dec Agenda [PDF 4MB] Minutes [Word 0.3MB]
Minutes [PDF 0.09MB]

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