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The full Council comprises all Councillors and takes decisions on major policies and sets the Council Tax for the year.  The Council also receives petitions from members of the public and makes appointments to committees.

Agendas and reports will be available online 5 days prior to the meeting . Minutes will be available 5 working days after the meeting and considered for approval at the following meeting.


Location: Council Chamber, Town Hall, Matlock


Date Agenda Minutes
26 September 2019 Agenda [PDF 1.1MB]

This meeting will be broadcast live on our YouTube channel here and available afterwards as an archive video.
Minutes [PDF 121KB]
25 July 2019 Agenda [PDF 2.63MB] UPDATED
Item 12 - Appendix 2 - Statement of Accounts [PDF 1.9MB]
View this meeting live on YouTube and afterwards as an archive video
Minutes [PDF 152KB]
30 May 2019
[PDF 5.28MB]

View the YouTube broadcast of this meeting here.

Minutes [PDF 103KB]
22 May 2019 UPDATED Agenda [PDF 1.79MB] Annual Council

This meeting will be broadcast live on our YouTube channel and available afterwards as an archive video.
 Minutes [PDF 1.26MB]



Location: Council Chamber, Town Hall, Matlock

Date Agenda Minutes
14 March 2019

Agenda [PDF 1.69MB]
Item 16 - Appointment of Returning Officer and Electoral Registration Officer [PDF 21K]

URGENT Reports [PDF 111KB]:
Revised Scheme of Delegation to Officers
Appointment of Interim Monitoring Officer

 Minutes [PDF 110KB]
7 March 2019

Agenda [PDF 1.77MB]

Item 9 - Service Plans 2019/20 [PDF 915KB]

This meeting will be broadcast live on our YouTube channel and available afterwards as an archive video.

Minutes [PDF 102KB]
24 January 2019

Agenda [PDF 10.5 MB]    Item 12 Appendix 1B - Five Year Housing Land Supply Annual Position Statement - December 2018 [PDF 45 MB] 
Late Report:  Disposal of Freehold Interest - Land at Station Car Park, Matlock Bath [PDF 918KB]

PLEASE NOTE:  In light of the volume of business to be transacted, in consultation with the Chairman, the following reports have been withdrawn from the Agenda and will now be redirected to meetings in March:

Item 12 - Derbyshire Dales District Council - Authority Monitoring Report 2017-18
Item 13 - Resident's Online Panel Survey Results
Item 17 - Capital Strategy Report for 2019/20
Item 18 - Capital and Treasury Monitoring Report for 2019/20
Item 19 - Local Projects Fund - Update and Review

Minutes [PDF 144KB]

This meeting will be broadcast live on our YouTube channel and available afterwards as an archive video.

5 December

Agenda [PDF 3.6MB]

 Minutes [PDF 137KB]
29 November

Agenda [PDF 3.5MB]

View live on our YouTube channel and via the same link afterwards

 Minutes [PDF 98KB]
27 September

Agenda [PDF 4.2MB]

Item13 - Proposal to Pilot 75% Business Rates Retention in 2019/20 [PDF 34KB]

View the broadcast of the meeting

Minutes [PDF 169KB]
26 July

Agenda [PDF 4.1MB] Item 10 External ISA 260 Report [PDF 2.25MB] Item 11 Statement of Accounts & Annual Governance Statement [PDF 1MB]

View this meeting live on our YouTube channel and as an archive video afterwards

Minutes [PDF 114KB]
31 May Agenda [PDF 475KB] Minutes [PDF 146KB]   View the meeting on our YouTube channel
24 May Annual Council Agenda [PDF 671KB] Minutes [PDF 162KB]
15 May Agenda [PDF 38KB] - Chief Executive Appointment Panel Minutes [PDF 131KB]
03 May Special Agenda [PDF 390KB] Leisure Review - Contract Award  View the meeting on our YouTube channel   Minutes [PDF 74KB]
30 April

Special Agenda [PDF 434KB] Review of Public Conveniences - Final Report (2)

UPDATED Appendix 2 [PDF 49KB]

 View the meeting on our YouTube channel

Minutes [PDF 187KB]

12 April Agenda [PDF 3MB] This meeting will be broadcast live on YouTube and available via the same link afterwards as a video archive
Minutes [PDF 57KB]

8 March Special Agenda [PDF 447KB] Review of Public Conveniences - Final Report Minutes [PDF 159KB]
View a video of this meeting on our YouTube channel
  Updated Appendix 4 [PDF 122KB]  
5 March Agenda [PDF 948KB] Budget & Council Tax Setting at 6.00pm
Item 8 - Council Tax Setting 2018/19
Item 11 - Fair Funding Review

Minutes [PDF 99KB]

View a video of the meeting on our YouTube channel

  Draft Service Plans 2018/19 Booklet [PDF 899KB]  
  Special Agenda [PDF 899KB] - Business Rates Discretionary Relief Policy Minutes [PDF 130KB]
25 January   Minutes [PDF 122KB]
View a video of this meeting on our YouTube channel
  Agenda  [PDF 327 KB]  
7 December 2017

Special Council to consider the Report of the Inspector regarding the Examination of the Derbyshire Dales Local Plan

Agenda Front Sheets [PDF 42KB]
Full Agenda [PDF 12.5MB]

Details of Local Plan Advisory Committee Participation Scheme [PDF 32KB]

Minutes [PDF 125KB]
View the meeting on YouTube
30 November 2017 Agenda [PDF 1.74MB]  NB:  Item 13 Appendix 2 (published separately) [PDF 777KB] Minutes [PDF 124KB]
View a video of this meeting on our YouTube channel
12 October 2017

Agenda [PDF 296KB] 


Extra Report: Item 13A - Upgrade of Financial Management System

Minutes [PDF 131KB]

View a video of this meeting on our YouTube channel

27 July 2017 Agenda [PDF 238KB]
Item 9a [PDF 38KB] Arc Leisure Matlock - Repairs to Pedestrian Footbridge

Minutes [PDF 75KB]

View a video of this meeting on our YouTube channel.

28 June 2017

- Special Council - Local Plan

Agenda [PDF 1MB] - updated 22.6.17
Appendix 2 [PDF 275KB]- Schedule of Additional Modifications - July 2017
Appendix 3 [PDF 11MB] - Schedule of Modifications to the Policies Maps and Diagrams - July 2017

Minutes [PDF 124KB]

Watch the live web broadcast of this meeting

22 June 2017 Agenda [PDF 1MB] 

Minutes [PDF 194KB]

Watch the meeting on our YouTube channel

18 May - Annual Council

Agenda [PDF 961KB]
Item No. 9 Appendix 3 - Contract Standing Orders
Item No. 9 Appendix 4 - Financial Regulations
Item No. 9 - Responsibility for Functions and Revisions to the Council's Constitution - Update

Minutes [PDF 372KB]
6 April 2017 Agenda [PDF 4.4MB] Minutes [PDF 92KB]
2 March 2017 Agenda [PDF 3MB]  Item 11 Attachment - Draft Service Plans 2017/18 [PDF 1MB] Item 12 - REPORT Council Tax Setting 2017/18 [PDF 55KB] Minutes [PDF 141KB]
26 January 2017 Agenda [PDF 950KB]  Item 9 Appendix Minutes [PDF 150KB]


Location: Council Chamber, Town Hall, Matlock

Date Agenda Minutes
8 December 2016 - Special Meeting: Local Plan Agenda [PDF 3MB]
Appendix 3 - Detailed Assessment of Duly Made Representation [PDF 19MB] - Published separately
Minutes [PDF 75 KB]
1 December 2016 - Special Meeting: Leisure Review - Final Report Agenda [PDF 929KB]  Minutes [PDF 104KB]
24 November 2016 Agenda [PDF  4MB]  Minutes [PDF 140KB]
29 September 2016

Agenda [PDF 630KB]

ITEM 11 - Appendices [PDF 123KB]

 Minutes [PDF 140KB]
8 August 2016 - Special meeting to discuss Derbyshire Dales Local Plan - venue COUNTY HALL, Matlock Agenda [PDF 25MB]

Late representations[2.5MB]

 Minutes [PDF 124KB]
30 June 2016 Agenda [PDF 1MB]  Minutes [PDF 100KB]
19 May 2016 Agenda [PDF 2.2MB]  Minutes [PDF 212KB]
7 April 2016 Agenda [PDF 2MB]  Minutes [PDF 78KB]
16 March 2016 Special Council - Derbyshire Dales Local Plan.

Agenda [PDF 21MB]
Representations [PDF 10.4MB]
Updated report [PDF 276KB]
Late Representations [PDF 1,7MB]

 Minutes PDF 96KB]
3 March 2016 - immediately following the meeting at 6.00pm Agenda [PDF 2MB]  Minutes  [PDF 70KB]
3 March 2016

Agenda [PDF 1.5MB] 
Draft Service Plans 2016/17 [PDF 841KB]

 Minutes [PDF 70KB]
28 January 2016 Agenda [PDF 906KB]  Minutes [PDF 112KB]
11 January 2016 Agenda [PDF 793KB]  Minutes [PDF 131KB]


Location: Council Chamber, Town Hall, Matlock

Date Agenda Minutes
19 November 2015 Agenda [PDF 1.16MB]  Minutes [PDF 161KB]
12 October - Special - Disposal of Property - to follow Local Plan Agenda [PDF 0.7MB]  Minutes [90KB]
12 October - Special - Local Plan - 6pm Agenda [PDF 1.73mb]  Minutes [148KB]
24 September 2015 Agenda [PDF 1MB]  Minutes [PDF 1.1MB]
15 January 2015 Agenda [PDF 0.4MB] Minutes [PDF 0.074MB]
12 February 2015 Special Council Meeting - Agenda [PDF 0.6MB] Minutes [PDF 0.06 MB]
5 March 2015

Agenda [PDF 1MB]
Revenue Spending Proposals 2014/16 [PDF 0.8MB]
Draft Service Plans [PDF 0.9MB]
Council Tax Setting [PDF 0.8MB]
Referred item [PDF 0.3MB]

Minutes [PDF 0.10MB]
Annual Pay Policy [PDF 0.11MB] 
updated following Council decision

23 April 2015 Agenda [PDF 1MB]  Minutes [PDF 0.10MB]
28 May 2015 Annual Council Meeting Agenda [PDF 1MB]
Item 10 Appendix 2 - Schedule of Committee Places
Item 11 Appointment of Chairmen & Vice Chairmen to Committees
Item 12 Appointment to Outside Bodies
 Minutes [PDF 1.6MB]
25 June2015

Agenda [PDF 7.2MB]
Item 10 Lover's Walk - Report [PDF 0.16MB]
Item 10 - Appendix 1 [PDF 0.1MB]
Item 10 - Appendix 2 [PDF 5.3MB]

 Minutes [PDF 0.3MB]
23 July 2015

Agenda [PDF 0.25MB]
Updating Report for Item 9 - IRP [PDF 0.2MB]
Item 10A Tour of Britain [PDF 0.13MB](URGENT REPORT)



Date Agenda Minutes
23 Jan Agenda [PDF 1.3MB] Minutes [PDF 0.45MB]
6 Mar Agenda [PDF 1MB]
Draft Performance Plan & Revenue Budget 2014/15 (published separately) [PDF 1.25MB]
Minutes [PDF 0.28MB]
8 May Agenda [PDF 3.43MB] Minutes [PDF 0.10MB]
29 May

Agenda [PDF 0.35MB]
Agenda Part 9 - Responsibilities for Functions [PDF 0.3MB]
Agenda Part 9 - Contract Standing Orders [PDF 0.1MB]
Agenda Part 9 - DDDC Financial Regulations 2014 [PDF 0.1MB]
Agenda item 12 - Appointments to Outside Bodies (AMENDED) [PDF 0.03MB]

Minutes [PDF 0.17MB]
19 Jun

Agenda [PDF 0.52MB]

Minutes [PDF 0.08MB]
24 Jul

Agenda [PDF 0.3MB]

Minutes [PDF 0.08MB] 
25 Sept

Agenda [PDF 1MB]

Minutes [PDF 0.1MB]
2 Oct

Agenda [PDF 0.2MB]
Special Meeting to discuss Local Plan

Minutes [PDF 0.08MB]
20 Nov

Agenda [PDF 1MB]

Minutes [PDF 0.11MB]

Council membership

All Councillors are involved with Council meetings.




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