External audit

External Audit Completion Reports

Audit Completion Reports (formerly Annual Audit Letters) summarise the more important matters arising from yearly audits by the External Auditor, Mazars LLP, and comment on other current issues. The External Auditor produces separate reports during each year on specific aspects of their work which have been discussed in detail with our officers. The reports are listed at the end of each letter for information.

The following External Audit Publications are available:

Annual Audit letter 2014-15 [158KB PDF]

Annual Audit Letter 2015-16 [185KB PDF]

Annual Audit Letter 2016-17 [2MB PDF]

Annual Audit letter 2018-19  [637KB PDF]

Audit Completion Letter 2017/18 [336KB PDF]

Audit Completion Report for Year Ended 31 March 2019 [1.05MB PDF]

Audit Completion Notice 2018-19 [303KB PDF]

Annual Audit letter 2019-20 [PDF 531KB ]

External Audit Annual Report 2020-21 [PDF 378KB]

Audit Completion Report 2020-21 [PDF 497KB]