Get together walks

The next Get Together walk will be in Spring 2023

Get Together walks have something suitable for everyone

Where?: to be decided
When?: 10:15am to set off at 10:30
What?:  3 choices of led walk

Walk 1: a short walk at a very steady pace on good ground

Walk 2:  a medium walk at a steady pace for about 1 1/2 - 2 hours - will include hills, stiles and uneven ground.

Walk 3:  5-6 miles of beautiful footpaths for about 3 hours - will include hills, stiles, uneven ground - for fitter walkers.

Accessible toilets and cafe available

Come and join us on our hugely popular Get Together Walks with at least 3 different level walks all starting from the same location. Enjoy meeting and walking with the other Dales health walking groups on outstanding walks for all ability ranges – Very Easy, Easy, Moderate and Long walks.

Walking Together

Lots of us wish we did more exercise. We know it’s good for us and we know our health’s important, but it can be easy to find excuses for not actually getting out there and doing it.

Walking as part of a small group is a good way to start and keep going. You will make friends, encourage each other and discover new walks in and around your neighbourhood.

Our friendly, welcoming walks help people make new friends and get out and about—it’s perfect for people who don’t fancy intense exercise. You can start off slowly and build up gradually as you get more confident.

Please wear some good comfortable shoes and take note of the weather

conditions as waterproofs or a "brolly" may be required. Please bring some change for refreshments or a "cuppa" afterwards.