House to house collections

The District Council is the Licensing Authority for Charitable Street Collections under Section 5 of the Police, Factories, etc. (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1916 and Charitable House to House Collections under the House to House Collections Act 1939.

It is an offence to conduct a house to house collection without first obtaining a licence from us.

Some of the larger well-known charities such as Christian Aid, Help the Aged etc, have a Charity Commission exemption from having to apply for a permit, but by and large most of the smaller, and particularly local groups and organisations need a permit before they can collect money (or articles which they intend to sell later), from door to door.

Further information can be found on our Street Collection webpage.

Earlier in the year the Council carried out a consultation exercise on a Policy to assist in determining House-to-House and Street Collection applications. The comments received were reported to the meeting of the Licensing and Appeals Committee held on 27th April 2021, for consideration.  A final draft Policy document was approved by full Council on 30th June 2021.  The Policy document will be reviewed after 3 years.  

The Policy can be viewed here [PDF 435KB]