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Peak District Partnership


The Peak District Partnership, formally known as the Derbyshire Dales and High Peak Local Strategic Partnership, draws together organisations working in the Derbyshire Dales and High Peak from the statutory, voluntary and business sectors.

The Partnership aims to focus the collective resources of partners on priorities that have been agreed by partners and add value to existing activity.

The Partnership is chaired by University of Derby (Buxton) Strategic Director, Dr Peter Dewhurst supported by Vice-Chair, Neil Moulden, Chief Executive of Derbyshire Dales Council for Voluntary Service.

In December 2014 partners agreed a new Statement of Priorities 2015- 2019 [PDF 523KB].  The Statement provides the framework for Partnership activity over the next five years and replaces the 2009-2014 Sustainable Community Strategy.

Peak District Partners Annual ‘Think Tank’ Event 

We are living in a time when society and communities are facing seismic changes that are set to impact all of our lives - yet many decision makers are necessarily focused on short-term planning horizons.

It is within this context that the Peak District Partnership, Business Peak District, Marketing Peak District & Derbyshire and the University of Derby came together to hold the first annual think tank event for key decision-makers across the Peak District. The event focused on the impact of demographic change on the Peak District from both an economic and health and wellbeing perspective.

The think tank, hosted by the University of Derby at its Buxton Campus, was opened by Lord Burlington and included a series of contributions from leading academics and sector representatives. There then followed a series of round table discussions and a plenary session bringing the key findings together.

The Economy and Health and Wellbeing 'provocations' are available to download here: 

For more information about the event and plans for 2019 contact the Peak District Partnership Chairman Dr Peter Dewhurst at p.dewhurst@derby.ac.uk


Purpose of the Partnership

  • To bring together public, private, voluntary and community organisations to deliver the Partnership's shared vision for the Peak District
  • Oversee the preparation, delivery, monitoring and review of the Community Priorities Statement for the Derbyshire Dales and High Peak (Peak District sub region)
  • Develop and deliver shared, outcome focused priority actions to tackle the main challenges identified in the Community Priorities Statement and report progress on implementation back to the wider community.
  • The Partnership's primary focus for joint activity / shared actions will be on Health and Wellbeing and the Economy, whilst continuing to recognise the links with Housing, Young People and the cross-cutting issues of community safety/cohesion, access to services and climate change
  • Co-ordinate and rationalise partnership activity and ensure that the work of the Partnership builds on the work that is already going on in local communities
  • Provide a lobbying / advocacy role for the Peak District
  • Promote joint initiatives delivered by partners


The Partnership operates at three levels, each having a clear role:

  • Partnership Board – to agree the Community Priorities Statement and the priority partnership actions required to implement it
  • Partnership Executive - to ensure the decisions of the Board are implemented
  • Task and Finish Groups – to develop and implement priority partnership actions

Board Membership

The following partners are represented on the Board:

Terms of Reference

The Peak District Economy

The Derbyshire Rural & Farming Network – chaired by Cllr Rose OBE, Leader of Derbyshire Dales District Council and the PDP’s Economy Champion – has submitted a response to the recent House of Lords Select Committee Call for Evidence on the Rural Economy.

The response, pulled together by officers from Derbyshire Dales District Council, Derbyshire Economic Partnership, Rural Action Derbyshire, Derbyshire Dales CVS and High Peak Borough Council was submitted on 10 September 2018 and can be viewed below.

In November 2013, Peak District partners commissioned an independent economic assessment of the wider Peak District area. The primary aim of the research was to update the evidence base, confirming and expanding upon the existing understanding of the area, and to demonstrate its economic potential.

The research highlights the distinct opportunities for economic development offered by the wider Peak District and the significant contribution it can make to achieving the economic objectives of the Local Enterprise Partnerships which overlay the area.

Funding information

 Information on funding opportunities for businesses and social enterprises in the Derbyshire Dales and High Peak is available here [PDF 586KB].

Board Minutes and Presentations


Policy & Performance

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