Local Restrictions Support Grant

Having problems with your application? Please read our FAQs.

The government has made further funding available for those businesses whose trading ability has been severely affected by COVID Restrictions.

Your business may be entitled to a Local Restrictions Support Grant (LRSG) payment if you have been required to close during the national lockdown restrictions from the 5th November to 2 December 2020.

You may be able to claim an LRSG business support grant from us if you are a Derbyshire Dales District Council Business Ratepayer and meet all of the following criteria:

  1. The business was open and trading as usual on the 4th November 2020
  2. The business was registered for Business Rates on the 5th November 2020
  3. It is one of the categories of businesses that have been instructed to close

For businesses not eligible for the LRSG that are required to close or are in the supply chain to a closed sector and can demonstrate that they have significant ongoing fixed business overheads and have been seriously impacted by the restrictions then support may be available under the Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) – subject to qualifying criteria.

To ensure that businesses are able to access any funding available to you register details on our online portal (you will be prompted to login or register before completing the form). This process will enable your business to be processed through the most appropriate route for funding. Full and accurate completion of the required information is essential to ensure efficient processing.

Businesses who consider themselves eligible are encouraged to apply.


If you are having any difficulties with your application please refer to the following FAQs

Do I need to do anything else other than register?
Yes, once you have registered for your account you then need to complete the Covid Grants Registration form and then the LRSG application (subject to eligibility)

What evidence do I need to provide?
Within your application you will be required to submit a bank statement clearly showing the Account Name, Number and sort code and the transactions between 5/10/20 and 4/11/20 demonstrating trading. Applications without this information or with information that isn’t complete or is illegible will be delayed.

Is the business rates number required?
Yes the business rate number is a mandatory field and is required in order to progress your application the number can be found on your bill sent out to you in March

How do I attach my bank statement?
Download a copy of your statement or take a picture of your paper copy, making sure it clearly shows all the information required (see point 2) and save this onto your pc/laptop or tablet with a relevant title e.g. LRSG and then when prompted search for that document and click attach.

I’ve registered now what?
After registering you will receive an email with a web link which you should click and follow this will take you to the Covid Grant Registration Form. After completing that you will receive another email with the second link to the LRSG application if your answers indicate that you may be eligible for the grant.

My Covid registration number is not populating/I’m unable to enter this in my LRSG application
There was a fault identified in the submission emails which included a link to the LRSG application form. All customers eligible for this grant have/will receive a second email with a new link.  Please check your emails for this new link.

 I am unable to locate my address
If you are unable to locate your address when searching by postcode, you can choose to enter it manually by selecting this option in the search result.

My business address has been over written with my personal address, or contact details.
This is because you have registered for a MyAccount with your home details (you may have registered this new or used an existing account). This link to auto populate from the MyAccount details has now been disabled for these forms so should not occur again, with the exception of email address as this is necessary for account linking. If you are unsure if this has happened on your submission, please review the attachment on your submission email. If your details have been over written please email BusinessGrants@derbyshiredales.gov.uk  so your record can be amended.

I need to reset my password
Passwords can be reset on the login screen by clicking the orange ‘Password Reset’ button. This will send you an email with further instructions

How do I register for an account
You must register yourself to apply for the scheme (and use the same account for any secondary forms). There is a green button on the log on page that says ‘Register’ when clicked this will take you through the process

Email validation/verification
Customers registering for an account will be sent an email which asks the customer to click a link to validate their email address. Until this validation process has been followed you will not be able to login in to your account, Please check for the email and also check your spam folder if you can’t find it.

For eligibility queries on the Local Restrictions Support Grant please contact: BusinessGrants@derbyshiredales.gov.uk 

For eligibility queries on the Additional Restrictions Grant please contact: discretionarybusinessgrants@derbyshiredales.gov.uk 

Payments are expected to be made during December.

View the Government guidance on the grant schemes and grant levels available under the LRSG scheme.