Coronavirus - support for businesses

The government has made further funding available for those businesses whose trading ability has been severely affected by COVID Restrictions.

We have now paid almost £16.375-million into 6,223 business accounts since November.

According to our records several businesses that may be eligible for a Covid-19 support grant have yet to apply.

Most business are entitled to a number of grants covering the period from November 2020 – March 2021 and some could be missing out on grants to the value of £250 or, in some cases, as much as £25,000.

These are grants from the Government that Derbyshire Dales District Council is paying out. And the good news is they don't have to be repaid (they are not loans).

You have to apply before the application deadline, or you will miss out altogether.


* Grants for the period 31 Dec – 15 Feb close to new applications on 31 March 2021
* Grants for the current period 16 Feb – 31 March close to new applications on 31 May 2021

If you have not already done so please go to this webpage to register for your COVID business grant.

Here's the 5 March update:

1. Lockdown Local Restrictions Support Grant (Closed Addendum) 5th November - 1st December
We launched this grant on 26 November. We have paid out 1,629 grants totalling £2,373,422.
Your business may be entitled to a Local Restrictions Support Grant (LRSG) payment if you have been required to close during the national lockdown restrictions from the 5th November to 2 December 2020.

Find out more and apply for LRSG

View the Government guidance on the grant schemes and grant levels available under the LRSG scheme.

For any eligibility queries on the Local Restrictions Support Grant please contact:

2. Additional Restrictions Grant: 5th November onwards
Applications launched on 17 December; processing is underway and so far we have paid out 437 grants to a value of £453,234.

The ARG is for businesses not eligible for the LRSG that are required to close or are in the supply chain to a closed sector and can demonstrate that they have significant ongoing fixed business overheads and have been seriously impacted by the restrictions.

Find out more and apply here for ARG

For any eligibility queries on the Additional Restrictions Grant please contact:

3. Wet-led’ pub Christmas Support Payment
The Government closed this grant on 28 February.  We have paid 89 grants

4. Local Restrictions Support Grant (Closed): 2-30 December
This grant is for businesses required to close throughout the Tier 3 restriction period 2-30 December. The grant is be either £1,334, or £2,000, or £3,000 - depending on the Rateable Value of the business premises. 997 businesses have received £1,456,893 (5 March).

5. LRSG (Open) grant Tier 2 and 3 (leisure): 31 October-4 November & 2-30 December
This one-off £1700 grant is for eligible leisure businesses open but severely impacted during the Tier 2 period 31 October to 4 November and the Tier 3 period 2-30 December.

LRSG (Open) grant Tier 2 (hospitality and accommodation): 31 October-4 November
This one off £250 grant for eligible hospitality and accommodation businesses open but severely impacted during Tier 2 restrictions 31 October to 4 November.
855 businesses have received a total of £264,500 to date.

NOTE re grant 5: Eligible businesses can receive one (not both) of these one-off, flat rate, fixed Open grants to cover all tiering periods between 31 Oct and 30 Dec.

We invited applications for 6, 7 and 8 (below) on 21 January and 1,507 payments had been made in the sum of £10,264,362 on 5 March. We are paying the three as a single payment.

6. Tier 4 Local Restrictions Support Grant (Closed Addendum): 31st December onwards
  • £238 for businesses with a rateable value of £15,000 or under
  • £357 for businesses with a rateable value between £15,000 and £51,000
  • £536 for businesses with a rateable value of over £51,000

7. Lockdown Local Restrictions Support Grant (Closed Addendum): 5 Jan -15 Feb
  • £2,001 for businesses with a rateable value of £15,000 or under
  • £3,000 for businesses with a rateable value between £15,000 and £51,000
  • £4,500 for businesses with a rateable value of over £51,000

8. Closed Business Lockdown Payment): 5 Jan-15 Feb
The one-off top-ups will be granted to closed businesses as follows:
  • £4,000 for businesses with a rateable value of £15,000 or under
  • £6,000 for businesses with a rateable value between £15,000 and £51,000
  • £9,000 for businesses with a rateable value of over £51,000

9. Local Restrictions Support Grant (Open December)
This discretionary grant was introduced by the District Council on 8 February to help those businesses outside the leisure sector that were allowed to open during December, but were severely impacted by Tier 3 restrictions. The grant is for ‘non-essential retail’ businesses (including clothes shops, some market stalls), and for ‘personal care’ businesses (including hairdressers, tattooists, nail salons and beauticians.)

On 5 March we had paid 70 businesses a total of £69,108.

To be eligible, businesses will be in these sectors and in premises liable for business rates. A requirement will be to demonstrate 30% reduction in income, in order to show that the business has been significantly impacted.

We estimate there are up to 500 potentially eligible businesses in the Derbyshire Dales. Grants will be paid according to Rateable Value band at the national LRSG (Open) rates i.e. £934 (for RV below £15,000), £1400 (for RV £15,000-51,000) or £2100 (for RV over £51,000).

This one-off grant will be additional to the payments these businesses have received for November and January/February. Non-essential retail and personal care businesses missed out on December grants due to not being required by the Government to close their doors. However the District Council knows that due to Tier 3 restrictions, some businesses in these sectors were severely impacted during December, with very little trade taking place.

So all recipients of LRSG grants in the non-essential retail and personal care sectors will have received an email from the District Council inviting them to apply for the LRSG (Open December) grant. They should follow the link in that email to a simple form they will need to complete to verify their eligibility for this additional payment.

10. Lockdown Local Restrictions Support Grant (Closed Addendum) 16th February - 31 March
The Government has announced that it will fund one further business grant payment (Lockdown Local Restrictions Grant (Closed Addendum) covering the period 16 February to 31 March). We've received £4,734,944 from Government to distribute to an estimated 2,529 applicants. Businesses were emailed on 25th February asking them to complete a simple declaration and confirm that their bank details haven't changed. The amount a business receives for this 44-day period depends on their rateable value, and will be either £2,096, £3,143 or £4,714.

There may be a few businesses allowed to re-open on 29 March. The Government has clarified that despite this, if eligible now these businesses do not need to repay part of the grant, even though it runs until 31 March. On 5 March we had paid £1,404,262 into 639 accounts.

For any queries on the Local Restrictions Support Grant, businesses should email

NOTE: Hospitality and accommodation businesses (open in Tier 2 but closed in Tier 3) should apply for both LRSG (Open), for 31 Oct-4 Nov, and LRSG (Closed) for 2-30 Dec. They will get two emails from us inviting two applications, and should reply to both emails. Each email concerns a different payment, so each email will require a separate response. That way they should get both payments they are entitled to.
Business grants what and when March 2021Click on the graphic above to view the larger PDF.


If you are having any difficulties with your application please refer to the following FAQs

Do I need to do anything else other than register?
Yes, once you have registered for your account you then need to complete the Covid Grants Registration form and then the LRSG application or ARG application (subject to eligibility)

What evidence do I need to provide?
Within your application you will be required to submit a bank statement clearly showing the Account Name, Number and sort code and the transactions between 5/10/20 and 4/11/20 demonstrating trading. Applications without this information or with information that isn’t complete or is illegible will be delayed.

Is the business rates number required (LRSG)?
Yes the business rate number is a mandatory field and is required in order to progress your application the number can be found on your bill sent out to you in March

How do I attach my bank statement?
Download a copy of your statement or take a picture of your paper copy, making sure it clearly shows all the information required (see point 2) and save this onto your pc/laptop or tablet with a relevant title  and then when prompted search for that document and click attach.

I’ve registered now what?
After registering you will receive an email with a web link which you should click and follow this will take you to the Covid Grant Registration Form. After completing that you will receive another email with the second link to the LRSG or ARG application if your answers indicate that you may be eligible for a grant.

I am unable to locate my address
If you are unable to locate your address when searching by postcode, you can choose to enter it manually by selecting this option in the search result.

My business address has been over written with my personal address, or contact details.
This is because you have registered for a MyAccount with your home details (you may have registered this new or used an existing account). This link to auto populate from the MyAccount details has now been disabled for these forms so should not occur again, with the exception of email address as this is necessary for account linking. If you are unsure if this has happened on your submission, please review the attachment on your submission email. If your details have been over written please email  so your record can be amended.

I need to reset my password
Passwords can be reset on the login screen by clicking the orange ‘Password Reset’ button. This will send you an email with further instructions

How do I register for an account
You must register yourself to apply for the scheme (and use the same account for any secondary forms). There is a green button on the log on page that says ‘Register’ when clicked this will take you through the process

Email validation/verification
Customers registering for an account will be sent an email which asks the customer to click a link to validate their email address. Until this validation process has been followed you will not be able to login in to your account, Please check for the email and also check your spam folder if you can’t find it.

The Coronavirus outbreak is a constantly changing situation and the District Council is closely monitoring the advice and updates from Government regarding support for businesses. See the latest HM Treasury update.  

Business Rates

The District Council has issued 100% rates discounts for 2020/21 to a long list of businesses, including properties mainly used as shops, restaurants, cafés, pubs, cinemas, leisure, gyms, tourism, hotels and nurseries.

If, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, SME’s ineligible for Government grants and reliefs are struggling to make their normal business rates payments then please contact us and we will do what we can to assist by reviewing your instalment dates to defer payments until later in 2020/21. You can contact us by email at

D2N2 Growth Hub Small Business Recovery Grant

In July the Government announced a national support grant package specifically aimed at helping small businesses that can demonstrate they’ve been impacted by COVID-19 and provide 100% grant funding to support them to be more productive.

This new but limited funding will be managed by the D2N2 Growth Hub and will support one or a combination of the following activities:

• Access to technology or new equipment which will support the business being more productive
• Access to professional advice such as HR, legal or financial to aid business decision making and risk management.
£983,986 is available across the D2N2 area.

Eligibility and Availability
Support will be offered to eligible small businesses based in Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire that employ between three to 49 full time equivalent staff. Due to the high level of demand and limited funding available the grant will be limited to £2,000 per successful application. Businesses who have previously expressed and registered interest on the D2N2 Growth hub web site will be contacted directly by the Growth Hub regarding this scheme and therefore there are no open applications invited at this present time.

General enquiries
Please log your enquiry here and the Economic Development Team will respond.  Please note some enquiries may require clarification from the appropriate Government department.

Keep up to date
Sign up to our business newsletter to receive regular updates on the assistance available.

Working safely during COVID-19 – Guidance for Employers, Employees and the Self-Employed 
Government has produced guidance to help ensure workplaces are as safe as possible. The 8 guides cover a range of different types of work. Many businesses operate more than one type of workplace, such as an office, factory and fleet of vehicles. You may need to use more than one of these guides as you think through what you need to do to keep people safe. Read the guides hereA summary of the advice can be found here.

Government advice for retail outlets

Other Sources of Information and Advice

East Midlands Chamber coronavirus information

Business Peak District information

The D2N2 Growth Hub
The Growth Hub are putting on a series of webinars; Building Business Resilience Programme to help businesses through the Covid 19 crisis. Details can be found here

Find information from Marketing Peak District & Derbyshire

Food safety
Covid-19 food safety information for food businesses

How we are assessing and paying these grants

We appreciate how vital this funding is to impacted businesses in the Derbyshire Dales, but please don't contact us yet to check the progress of your application as this will serve only to slow down the process. Sign up for email alerts here.

In the first round of business support grants earlier this year we paid out more than £31-million in Government coronavirus business grant payments to almost 2,500 accounts by the end of October 2020.

We have diverted entire District Council teams onto business grants to enable payments to be made as accurately and quickly as possible.

Deeply involved in grants, necessitating diversion from other work, are the District Council's Transformation team, Economic Development, Finance, Internal Audit, BSU, Revenues, Sports Development, Planning and Housing.

Whilst this might have an impact upon performance of other council services, it is right that we have diverted staff onto business grants for now.

Meanwhile other staff are picking up additional work while their colleagues are diverted onto grants work.

The status of these grants is constantly changing. By adding new grants every few days, the Government is creating a non-stop process of developing new grants systems.

The process

For each grant, we :
(i) wait for Government guidance (which is then clarified later by FAQs)
(ii) design the application process to get the information required
(iii) build the IT system to automate that process
(iv) test the system to make sure it works as intended
(v) launch the grant,
(vi) process applications
(vii) make payments.

What takes time is (i)-(iv) which requires technical work in developing new systems for each grant.

How complicated is it?

For the first lockdown last year (five months March-July), there were only three business grant schemes. Already in the two months since November 2020, we have eight grant schemes active. This can be baffling for businesses and a bureaucratic challenge for councils. Every time a new grant is announced, there is technical work needed to set up the system for that new grant.

The Government's audit and assurance requirements are very detailed. We have to satisfy their requirements for pre and post payment assurance procedures. This has had a huge impact on the time it takes to set up the appropriate systems and undertake the checks.

Important notes

1. For successful LRSG recipients:
You may have received an email notifying you that subsequent grant payments would be triggered automatically on a 14-day cycle for each completed restriction period.

Unfortunately this will not be the case and we apologise for the confusion regarding ongoing payments.

Grants are now available in respect of the Tier 3 period (2nd- 30th December), and later in January will be available the Tier 4 period we entered on 31st December and the lockdown period starting 5 January. You will receive details of these new grants, by email direct from the District Council, when the application system is open (please expect this in mid-January). Those emails will each include a link and will ask you to complete a simple re-declaration. You should then follow the link and complete the re-declaration. When you do so, your grant payment will be authorised.

Because the Government insists on each grant payment being accounted for separately, you may get more than one such email (each to trigger the next grant payment). You will need to respond to each one. We are sorry about this.

Please be assured that your business will receive all grants from the District Council for which you are eligible.

2. LRSG (Open)

LRSG (Open) is a discretionary grant, aimed at businesses with a rateable value open during Tier 2/3 but significantly impacted by COVID restrictions. The Government wishes it to be focused on accommodation, hospitality and leisure businesses.

The Derbyshire Dales was in Tier 2 for five days (31 October to 4 November 2020), and in Tier 3 for twenty-nine days (2-30 December 2020).

During the Tier 2 period, accommodation, hospitality and leisure businesses were allowed to open. However during the longer Tier 3 period, accommodation and hospitality businesses were required to close (whilst leisure businesses were again allowed to open). The position is therefore:

  * Accommodation and Hospitality businesses: eligible for LRSG Open grant in Tier 2 only – a five day period
  * Leisure businesses : eligible for LRSG Open grant in Tier 2 and Tier 3 – a thirty-four day period 

The District Council has designed LRSG (Open) grants so that eligible businesses can receive one (not both) of the following one-off, flat rate, fixed Open grants to cover all tiering periods between 31 Oct and 30 Dec

          o LRSG (Open) grant Tier 2 (2020) (hospitality and accommodation) - £250
          o LRSG (Open) grant Tier 2 and 3 (2020) (leisure) - £1700 (applicants required to evidence 30% reduction in income)

Grants at these levels equate to £50 per day, which is commensurate with the middle band level published by the Government. They are for rated businesses, in the sectors requested by the Government, at a rate indicated by the Government (in a single band, rather than three bands dependent on Rateable Value level, reflecting the smaller size of the majority Derbyshire Dales businesses). These grants are designed to match the Government’s allocation of LRSG(O) grant funding for the Derbyshire Dales.
The government has made further funding available for those businesses whose trading ability has been severely affected by COVID Restrictions.