Derbyshire Dales Economic Plan - Consultation

The Draft Derbyshire Dales Economic Plan has been developed within the context of the District Council’s emerging Corporate Plan.

The Economic Plan looks forward 15 years and provides a strategic framework for the District Council and its partners to support the sustainable growth of the Derbyshire Dales economy. The plan includes actions we will undertake with others, those we will need to undertake ourselves and the longer term outcomes we’re working towards.

The aim of the Plan is to develop: A resilient, higher value and more productive Derbyshire Dales economy. Retaining key themes from the last plan, five priorities provide the focus for activity:

  • Accelerating the delivery of strategic growth sites through enabling infrastructure
  • Providing support to businesses with growth potential
  • Supporting initiatives to enhance productivity growth in key sectors
  • Encouraging investment in the Dales by promoting quality of place
  • Assisting employers access support to invest in workforce development
We’d like the views of businesses and partners on the Draft Plan.

Please email your comments to by 5.00pm on Monday 4th November 2019.