Climate change

Climate Change Supplementary Planning Document

The District Council resolved unanimously on 30 May 2019 to declare a Climate Change Emergency. Since the declaration of a Climate Change emergency by the District Council a Members Climate Change Working Party identified four priority areas for action:
  • Transport;
  • Estates;
  • Planning Policy;
  • Housing Policy.
Council on 20th January 2020 agreed that two elements of the Climate Change Action Plan relating to Planning should include:
  • Work with the Council’s Place Hub to develop a Supplementary Planning Document to set out the Council’s expectations for new development to ensure that it responds proactively to the Climate Change Emergency through appropriate mitigation and adaptation actions
  • Ensure that the next review of the Local Plan adequately responds to the Climate Change Emergency
In taking forward the District Council’s Corporate Plan for the period 2020-2024 it was resolved at Council on 5th March 2020 that one of the priority actions for taking forward the work on the Climate Change Emergency was:
Preparing and adopting a Supplementary Planning Document on Climate Change.

The National Planning Practice Guidance sets out in relation to SPDs;

“Supplementary planning documents (SPDs) should build upon and provide more detailed advice or guidance on policies in an adopted local plan. As they do not form part of the development plan, they cannot introduce new planning policies into the development plan. They are however a material consideration in decision-making. They should not add unnecessarily to the financial burdens on development.”

A draft Climate Change Supplementary Planning Document has now been prepared and seeks to provide additional guidance on the following key areas:
  • Green Infrastructure – including linkages to parks and open spaces, trees and landscaping, as well as linkages to biodiversity
  • Water – including managing flood risk, sustainable drainage systems and the drainage hierarchy
  • Energy – including the energy hierarchy, home energy standards and renewable energy systems
  • Transport – including walkable and low car neighbourhoods, walking, cycling and public transport. It also includes the facilitation of electric vehicles.
  • Building Design – including density of development and orientation
The SPD also includes a checklist for developers which it is intended they will use to set out as part of a planning application submission how they have addressed the measures included within the SPD.

Once adopted, the SPD will have statutory weight in the decision making process, and can be used in the determination of planning applications as a “material consideration”.

To enable the draft Climate Change Supplementary Planning Document to have statutory weight it is now subject to a period of six weeks public consultation. This runs from Friday 12th February 2021 to Friday 26th March 2021. In accordance with the District Council’s emerging Statement of Community Involvement and Government best practice, at this time, this consultation will be ‘digital by default’(hard copies will be available upon requested).

View the draft Climate Change SPD Consultation [PDF 5.39MB]
View the Consultation Statement accompanying the SPD  [Word doc]

How to get Involved

Comments received after this time will not be considered.

Comments on the draft Climate Change SPD can be made electronically using the Online Survey 

Alternatively representations can be submitted by email to: 
or in writing to:

Derbyshire Dales District Council (Draft Climate Change SPD)
Regeneration and Policy
Town Hall
Bank Road

All representations duly made during the consultation period will be considered prior to the District Council adopting the Climate Change Supplementary Planning Document. A summary of the main issues and how they have been addressed will be included in an Adoption Consultation Statement in accordance with the Town and County Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 12(a).


Derbyshire Dales Climate Change SPD - Consultation Draft February 2021
Consultation Statement February 2021
Council Report 10th February 2021
Press Release