Riber Conservation Area

Riber Conservation Area Appraisal

Riber Conservation Area is a rural area, which includes buildings and surrounding landscape set high above the town of Matlock To the west is Riber Castle, the former Victorian home of John Smedley. The southern boundary is formed by Carr Lane and to the north are large detached properties along Riber Road. Undeveloped farmland lies to the east.

The original designation of Riber Conservation Area was in June 1971 and extended to 9.3 hectares. In 2013 a comprehensive Conservation Area Character Appraisal was undertaken for Riber Conservation Area and a Draft Appraisal was produced in November 2013. A six-week public consultation exercise then followed in January and February 2014 which included a public advisory meeting.

The Appraisal considered the special qualities and interests of the Conservation Area, such as its archaeological significance, the architectural and historic quality of the buildings, the relationship of buildings and spaces, the landscape and setting of the Conservation Area. It also considered the overall condition of buildings and spaces and any negative factors affecting the area. The document included a review of the Conservation Area boundary which recommended an amendment to the boundary. Following the public consultation, further amendments were considered by the Council, firstly to include the well and pond facing Riber Lodge, which has historic connections with the Common land of the hamlet and secondly, the former quarry and associated smithy building which was used for stone extraction used in the construction of Riber Castle. This former quarry is located on the lane (known as Smithy Lane) to the east of Riber Castle and north-west of the hamlet.

In May 2014, Derbyshire Dales District Council approved the Riber Conservation Area Character Appraisal, including the proposed amendments to the boundary. The Conservation Area Appraisal and other documents can be viewed in the Related Documents section below.

Historic Assets

Within Riber Conservation Area there are 30 buildings, of which there are 6 listed entries. Riber Hall Hotel and Riber Manor, both on Riber Road are listed Grade II*. The remainder are Grade II. Listed buildings in Riber Conservation Area range from the 'Castle' to farmhouses and manor houses. All are recognised for the contribution they make both individually and to the street-scene.

There are no Scheduled Monuments in Riber Conservation Area.

Buildings at Risk

None of the listed buildings within the Riber Conservation Area are recognised by the District Council as being 'at risk'.

Article 4 Direction

There are no additional planning controls, such as an Article 4 Direction, on properties in Riber Conservation Area


01 Introduction [PDF 4.16MB]

02 Origins and Development Part 1 [PDF 6.29MB] / Part 2 [PDF 4.03MB]

03 Archaeological Significance [PDF 1MB]

04  Architectural and Historic Quality Part 1 [PDF 3.76MB] / Part 2 [PDF 5.56MB]

05  Landscape [PDF 2.68MB]

06 Setting and Character [PDF 3.93MB]

07 Problems, Pressures and Capacity for Change [PDF 1.83MB]

08 Policies and Legislation [PDF 1.03MB]

09 Boundary Review [PDF 2.69MB]

10 Information & Contact Details [0.97MB]

Appendix 1 - Public Consultation Responses [PDF 0.06MB]

Appendix 2 - Riber Conservation Area Map [PDF 0.26MB]

Report to Environment Committee May 2014 [PDF MB]

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