Housing needs survey

Housing needs surveys are undertaken to establish if there is an affordable housing need in a parish and the type and mix of homes required. Recent housing need surveys carried out by the District Council's Rural Housing Enabler are below.

Survey results


Parish Documents
Tideswell (April 2017) PDF [2.44MB]
Tideswell (2011) PDF [78KB]
Winster (2012) PDF [54KB]
Hathersage (May 2016) PDF [1.4MB]
Taddington, Chelmorton, Flagg, Blackwell in the Peak, Brushfield & Sheldon (March 2016) PDF [1.49MB]
Brassington (March 2016) PDF [83KB]
Bakewell (July 2015) PDF [901KB]
Bonsall PDF [0.03MB]
Bradwell PDF [0.2MB]
Hartington PDF [0.1MB]
Hulland Ward PDF [0.03MB]
Litton PDF [0.02MB]
Middleton by Wirksworth (December 2016) PDF [601KB]
Youlgrave (January 2020) PDF [3MB]
Over Haddon (March 2020) PDF [923KB]
Eyam (March 2020) PDF [2MB]
Over Haddon March 2020