Radon and smoking

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that can increase the risk of lung cancer. When inhaled, it can change into other radioactive chemicals that can be deposited in the lungs.

Radon inside buildings is the main source of human exposure, as levels can become elevated within the home. Several parts of the United Kingdom including Derbyshire are more affected by radon than other parts of the UK. The Public Health England website has a helpful map of radon levels in England and Wales.

Radon, whilst being the second main cause of lung cancer after smoking, still carries a much smaller risk of lung cancer to non-smokers. Even if non-smokers live in areas with the highest concentrations of radon, they still have less than one in a hundred chance of getting lung cancer. But smokers living in these areas are at a much greater risk and Cancer Research UK believe a smoker is 20 times more likely to get lung cancer if they live in a house affected by radon.

High radon levels can be reduced and if you want any help and advice please contact us using the details below.

You can find more information on the Public Health England website. You can also see a map of radon levels in the UK or order a radon measurement pack for your home.

If you also want help to stop smoking you can contact the Live Life Better Derbyshire on 0800 085 2299 or 01246 515550 (local rate)

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