It is recommended that all private water supplies have some form of water treatment, especially if the supply is used for a commercial business that involves supplying food or drink to members of the public. To ensure that the correct treatment is installed it is recommended the person responsible for the supply consults a water treatment consultant who has good knowledge and experience of dealing with private supplies.

Private water supply treatment

An initial assessment of the water quality needs to be undertaken; this can be as a result of the District Council carrying out a risk assessment and routine sampling of the supply under The Private Water Supplies Regulations 2016.

From the results of testing it can be seen what, if any, chemical treatment needs to be installed.  It is recommended that on all spring supplies biological treatment is installed as a matter of course as spring water can change with rainfall levels and throughout the seasons. Bacteria such as E Coli and coliforms can be treated successfully by installing the correct equipment, which will eradicate any contamination. It is recommended that this is done by a suitably qualified or experienced water consultant who can install the correct equipment to match the flow and use of the supply. The consultant should also check if the pressure on the supply is sufficient to serve its purpose and recommend what equipment needs to be installed to ensure a steady flow of water.

If you would like any further advice please contact Environmental Health.

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