Burglar alarms

False alarms and faulty systems are the most common cause of prolonged burglar alarm sounding.  Noise caused by the activation of audible intruder alarms is a common cause of complaint. If a fault develops while you are on holiday alarms can sometimes sound for days.  This can cause a serious noise nuisance to your neighbours.

If your alarm rings and is considered to be a statutory nuisance by an Officer of the District Council, the District Council will serve you with a Noise Abatement Notice and may have to enter into your premises to disconnect the alarm.  A warrant will be obtained from the Magistrates Court to enter the premises for the purpose of deactivating the alarm.

Cut-out devices

Every new alarm installation must be fitted with a working cut-out device.  This cut-out device must stop the alarm being heard by people living or working near the property within 20 minutes from the start of the alarm sounding. After that time, security can be maintained by a flashing light.  All bells or sirens must be covered by the cut-out device.

How can I prevent my alarm from misfiring?

The following measures will help to make sure that your alarm only goes off when it should:

  • Ensure that the alarm is installed by a qualified engineer
  • Make sure your alarm is regularly checked and properly maintained
  • Fit the required 20 minute cut-out device, to prevent the alarm from ringing for long periods

If you wish to make a complaint about the noise from a burglar alarm, please contact us.