Barking dogs

One of the most common complainants is noise from barking dogs.

We all know that dogs bark, in fact that is why many owners have barking dogdogs, to provide security, reassurance and companionship. Dogs often bark at visitors to their homes or from playful behaviour or excitement. The noise becomes a problem when it is not controlled and dogs are allowed to bark unchecked.

We often have complaints about dogs which are left alone all day both inside and outside of properties; they often bark or whine through boredom, distress and fear; left alone by owners who may not be aware of their pet's behaviour and how it is affecting the neighbours who have to listen to it. It is always a good idea to alert the pet owners to the problem before contacting us. The reason why the dog barks could be easily addressed.

What can owners do to help?

The solution may be to ensure your dog is happy. Feed and exercise your dog before you go out and make sure it has water, a comfortable bed and toys. Leave a radio on low or a light on if you aren't back until dark. If the dog is kept outside ensure it is happy and position the kennel away from neighbouring properties.

If all else fails

If the barking continues and the owner(s) appear unwilling to respond contact us by email at Let us know how often the barking occurs and at what time of day or night and how it is affecting you. If, after investigation and speaking to the owner(s), it is felt that they are not responding to a genuine problem, an abatement notice will be served on the owner(s) to stop the barking by whatever means necessary. Failure to comply may lead to the owner(s) being prosecuted.

Further help and advice can be sought from your vet or a dog behaviourist.