Walker Minerals (Bradwell) Ltd

Walker Minerals (Bradwell) Ltd operate a mineral drying and cooling process regulated under section 3.5 of the Environmental Permitting Regulations in Bradwell.

Raw materials are received to site in bulk and stored in bays, silos or bags. Materials are subjected to a number of processes including crushing, drying, grading and blending prior to bagging or further storage prior to dispatch to customers. Dust arrestment plant is utilised on the four storage silos and the rotary dryer.

Other activities forming part of the permitted installation include the blending of aggregates and fillers with bitumen and other additives. These activities take place in the main processing building and finished products are stored in bags, drums or bulk containers prior to dispatch. There are no externally vented emissions from these activities.

Emissions to atmosphere from the mineral dryer are subject to an emission limit of 50 mg/m3 and emissions testing is undertaken annual to demonstrate compliance with this limit.