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Viaton Industries Ltd

Viaton Industries Ltd operate a mineral drying and cooling process, regulated under section 3.5 of the Environmental Permitting Regulations, near Brassington. (photo courtesy of Viaton Industries Ltd).

Viaton is one Europe's largest processors of mineral based products in Viaton Industries factorythe field of particle size modification. The company undertake contract processing of a wide variety of inorganic and organic materials using specialised equipment to produce ultra fine products. Viaton manufacture a range of industrial mineral fillers for use in specialised formulations that are used in a wide range of industry sectors. These sectors include paint, powder coating, automotive friction products, rubber, sound insulation, plastics and many other niche markets.

Raw materials are received in bulk and bagged form and are stored in silos and under cover in buildings. Raw materials may be subjected to processes which include crushing, drying, milling, grinding, blending. Final products are bagged or are subject to further storage in silos prior to despatch by tanker.

The mineral drying plant discharges to atmosphere and is subject to an emission limit of 50 mg/m³. Emissions testing is undertaken annual to demonstrate compliance with this limit.

Environmental Health

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