Tarmac Ltd (Buxton Lime & Cement)

Tarmac Trading Ltd Powders Plant, operate a mineral drying and cooling process regulated under section 3.5 of the Environmental Permitting Regulations within Ballidon Quarry, Parwich.

Crushed limestone is transferred from Ballidon Quarry (see link below) to an inclined conveyor for transport to the powders plant. Crushed limestone is reduced in size to 3 mm in the mill from where it is transferred to the mineral dryer feed bin. Material is then fed into the fluid bed dryer, which is fitted with dust arrestment plant that discharges to atmosphere. Dried material is then conveyed to either the classifier system, a product feed bin or a silo.

Processed material from the classifier is blown into one of two product silos or to the Allgaier screens, from where it is transported to a silo to await further processing, or to fine product storage bins where the material is further processed in the Delta Sizer. The Delta Sizer arrestment plant discharges to atmosphere and is fitted with an indicative monitor. Final products are stored in one of nine silos located within the building.

The final products are either bagged, and stored in a dedicated warehouse, or bulk products are loaded from the dedicated product silos to bulk tankers or tippers.

Emissions to atmosphere from the mineral dryer are subject to an emission limit of 50 mg/m3 and tests are undertaken annually to demonstrate compliance with this emission limit.