Longcliffe Quarries Ltd (Brassington Moor)

Longcliffe Quarries Ltd operate a quarry process and mineral drying and cooling process at Brassington Moor Quarry, near Longcliffe. The installation is regulated under section 3.5 of the Environmental Permitting Regulations.

Brassington Moor Quarry is a source of exceptionally high purity Truck at Brassington Moor Quarrylimestone and therefore once the limestone has been processed it can be used in food and pharmaceutical products. The installation produces grits, powders and fillers by drying, milling, screening and classifying the high purity limestone.

Limestone is quarried, crushed, screened and different size fractions are conveyed to stockpiles or into plants for further processing. There are two fluid bed drying plants that discharge to atmosphere via bag filter arrestment plant. Dried products are further milled in one of two plants, both of which discharge to atmosphere via bag filter arrestment plant. All emission points to atmosphere from the two mineral dryers and the two milling plants are fitted with continuous indicative monitoring or continuously recorded indicative monitoring. Coarse limestone products are stored in open stockpiles and fine dried materials are stored in silos.

Dust emissions to atmosphere from the drying and milling plants are tested annually for compliance with the emission limit of 50 mg/m³.

(Photo courtesy of Longcliffe Quarries Ltd)