Long Rake Spar Co Ltd

Long Rake Spar Co Ltd operate a mineral drying and cooling process, regulated under section 3.5 of the Environmental Permitting Regulations, near Youlgreave. (photo courtesy of Long Rake Spar Co Ltd)

Mineral rocks

The installation receives a wide variety of minerals that are stored within the installation boundary, prior to drying in a rotary dryer fired by gas oil. Dried materials are then loaded by shovel into a feed hopper, screened and transferred to storage hoppers with bagging facilities.

A limit of 50 mg/m³ is applied to the emissions to atmosphere from the rotary dryer. However, the site operates a unique system where the exhaust air from the dryer is extracted and discharged into a sealed disused mineshaft on the site and as such does not emit to atmosphere. Emissions testing is therefore not currently undertaken as the mineral drying process does not emit to atmosphere.