Linston Ltd

Linston Ltd operate a mineral drying and cooling process, regulated under section 3.5 of the Environmental Permitting Regulations, at Ryder Point near Brassington.

Linston ltd

A wide variety of ores, minerals and metals are contract processed at the installation. Materials are typically crushed, screened, blended and dried prior to either bagging and dispatch in bulk by lorry, or stored in one of four silos fitted with dust arrestment prior to dispatch by tanker. The main final products are carbon based blends for use in the steel industry.

Crushing and screening of the minerals is carried out within a building using a primary crusher and two locker screen units, all of which are fitted with arrestment plant prior to discharging to atmosphere. One mineral dryer discharges to atmosphere via a Roto Clone 20 Wet Collector (see photo) and the second mineral dryer discharges to atmosphere via a bag filter. The second dryer was installed in August 2011.

Emissions testing is currently undertaken six monthly to demonstrate compliance with the emission limit of 50 mg/m3.

The site also operates a small waste transfer station with limited treatment of the waste (crushing, screening and drying). This activity is now regulated by the District Council following a Regulation 33 Direction issued by the Secretary of State on 1 August 2011.