Fine Grinding Ltd

Fine Grinding Ltd undertake mineral crushing and screening, and mineral drying and cooling, regulated under section 3.5 of the Environmental Permitting Regulations. The installation is situated between Eyam and Foolow.

Fine Grinding

The installation consists of mineral processing operations where imported products of minerals, ferro-alloys, aggregates and ores are subject to crushing, grinding, milling, screening and drying, prior to dispatch in lorry or by bulk as recycled end products. Materials are received in bulk, drums, bulk bags, crates or bins and are stored under cover or in the case of damp materials in the open air.

The products processed on site include the following:

  • Hanson house bricks, which are processed into a clay granule and sold to the agri industry for use as a pesticide carrier and the fines are sold into the building industry;
  • Graphitised alumina from the refractory industry;
  • Dolomitic bricks from the steel industry that are crushed, dried and returned to the industry;
  • Metals that are processed through the ball mill;
  • Recovered cryolite that is processed before being returned to the steel industry for use as a recycled fluxing agent

There are two emission points to atmosphere that require annual emissions testing for dust. Emissions testing is undertaken annual on both mineral drying plants to demonstrate compliance with the emission limit of 50 mg/m3.

The site also operates a small waste transfer station with limited treatment of the waste (crushing, screening and drying). This activity is now regulated by the District Council following a Regulation 33 Direction issued by the Secretary of State on 1 August 2011.