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Derbyshire Aggregates

Derbyshire Aggregates Ltd operate a mineral drying and cooling process under section 3.5 of the Environmental Permitting Regulations near Youlgreave.

Stone flooring

Raw materials (designated minerals) are imported to site in bulk and stored in open three sided bays. Materials may be washed, screened and dried in either of two 5 tonne/hour rotary direct oil fired dryers (Dryer 1 and Dryer 2). The exhausts from Dryer 1 are extracted either via a cyclone and discharged to atmosphere or via DCE arrestment plant to atmosphere. The exhausts from Dryer 2 are extracted via a bag filter unit and discharged to atmosphere. Fines are deposited in the waste water circuit for subsequent disposal. Products are bagged or despatched in bulk.

Dust emissions to atmosphere are subject to annual emissions testing and are required to meet an emission limit of 50 mg/m3.

Environmental Health

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