Betney Cop (mobile)

Betney Cop Restoration Co Ltd operate mobile crushing and screening plant under regulation 3.5 of the Environmental Permitting Regulations.

Betney Cop Mobile Plant Diagram

Betney Cop hold one permit to operate mobile plant, meaning they can only operate plant detailed on the permit at a single location at any one time. Mobile plant usually has a stationary steel jaw working with a moving jaw to crush and pulverise material. They are known as jaw crushers. There are also mobile cone crushers where the crushing takes place between a truncated revolving cone and an outer chamber. Free standing mobile crushing plants may be mounted on tracks, although this is not always the case. They tend to be no more than 20 metres in length, so can be used in confined spaces on small sites.

Crushed material may be screened to separate two size ranges of particles, then is carried from the crusher by conveyor to be stockpiled close to the plant. The material may be further screened either from the primary conveyor or from the stockpile; the larger material may be transferred to secondary or tertiary crushing units, screened again and stockpiled.