Ben Bennett Jnr Ltd

Ben Bennett Jnr Ltd operate a quarry process and mineral drying and cooling process, regulated under section 3.5 of the Environmental Permitting Regulations, at Grange Mill near Longcliffe. (Photo courtesy of Ben Bennett Jnr Ltd)

Ben Bennett lorry

Ben Bennett Jnr undertake the quarrying and processing of high purity limestone to produce aggregates, granules and fine powders for industrial use (glass, rubber and chemical manufacture). Additional minerals are imported for processing to blend with onsite limestone as required. Final products are stored in silos and bags and are dispatched in tankers or trucks. The installation operates a number of grinding and classifying plants all of which have dust arrestment plant prior to discharge to atmosphere.

Emissions from the mineral drying and cooling plant are required to comply with an emission limit of 50 mg/m³ and emissions testing is undertaken annually.