Diffusion tube monitoring data

This page contains links to our raw data for our nitrogen dioxide passive diffusion tube monitoring.   The National Air Quality Objectives for Nitrogen Dioxide is an annual average of 40ug/m3 or a 1 hour mean of 200ug/m3, not to be exceeded more than 18 times a year.  

Please note this data may vary from that in our Annual Status Reports as no correction has been applied. Each year a co-location study takes place with each manufacturer of diffusion tubes locating their tubes adjacent to a sample of the Government's Automatic Urban and Rural (AURN) monitoring sites.  This is a national network of air quality monitoring sites covering the whole of the UK.  Based on this study a correction factor is produced for each type of diffusion tube.  We then use this co-efficient to correct our data based on the diffusion tubes we use.  These tubes are Gradko 20%  triethylamine (TEA) in water.  

Locations of 2020 Diffusion Tubes 

Darley Bridge
Eyam and Stoney Middleton
Matlock Bath and Cromford

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Diffusion tube data 2020