Cubley monitoring

This page provides information on additional monitoring undertaken in relation to the Air Quality Management Area declared around Stoneleigh Cottage Poultry Farm for a breach of the 24-h mean PM10 air quality objective.

A Detailed Assessment was undertaken during 2009 in relation PM10 emissions from the poultry farm, which is regulated by the Environment Agency under the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010. An Air Quality Management Area was subsequently declared in February 2010.

Section 84(1) of the Environment Act 1995 requires local authorities to undertake a further review and assessment following the designation of an Air Quality Management Area. Whilst it is a statutory requirement for local authorities to "cause an assessment" to be made, the Act does not include an obligation for compulsory air quality monitoring. It is considered that an in depth Further Assessment would be likely to replicate the work undertaken in the Detailed Assessment and therefore would be of limited benefit. Therefore, monitoring was undertaken following on from the implementation of the Action Plan to investigate if the measures implemented had been sufficient to ensure there were no further breaches of the PM10 air quality objectives.

Monitoring was undertaken by the Environment Agency Ambient Air Monitoring Team between 30 November 2010 and 31 January 2011 (62 days), using its mobile monitoring facility. It is planned to deploy the MMF again for two months during the summer of 2011. The two short monitoring exercises, rather than a six or twelve month monitoring period, are for financial reasons.

The mobile monitoring facility was deployed at the closest residential receptor to the poultry farm, which sits within the boundary of the Air Quality Management Area. A summary report [PDF 27kb] has been prepared by the Environment Agency. There were no exceedances of the 24-h mean PM10 objective, or of the annual mean PM10 objective, over the monitoring period. A full report will be produced on completion of the proposed summer monitoring.