Buxton Road, Ashbourne

An air quality management area (AQMA) has been declared for Nitrogen Dioxide on  Buxton Road and St John's Street, Ashbourne.  This is because it is likely the Nation Air Quality Objectives are being or likely to be exceeded in this area for Nitrogen Dioxide.  Details of all the documentation for this declaration can be found below. This can also be viewed at  https://uk-air.defra.gov.uk/aqma/

Monitoring using passive diffusion tubes at a site in Buxton revealed the possibility of the National Air Quality Objectives being exceeded.  Derbyshire Dales District Council after undertaking additional monitoring undertook a Detailed Assessment to establish if an AQMA should be declared.  The recommendation of this assessment was that  it should be declared, and consequently, this was approved by the Community and Environment Committee on 7 April 2021.  A declaration was made  on 5 May 2021.  

Detailed Assessment


Map of the declared area