In certain circumstances you may be affected by pests such as insects, rats or mice arising from a nearby property or area of land. The District Council offers a Pest Control Service, who can offer advice and can treat your property.

In cases where pest problems persist, the District Council has the following option to try to resolve the problem:

Rats and mice

If waste, in particular food waste, is allowed to accumulate it can attract a range of pests including rats, mice, flies & maggots, cockroaches, birds, cats, dogs and foxes. Rotting rubbish may lead to an odour nuisance and is likely to be prejudicial to health by attracting vermin.

The District Council has the power to deal with filthy and/or verminous premises where they pose a threat to public health (e.g. affecting neighbouring properties). In cases where there is a risk to public health, the Council can obtain a warrant to enter and clean the property and recover all costs incurred from the householder.

If the waste accumulation is either causing harbourage for vermin or is attracting significant numbers of vermin to the premises or land, the District Council has powers to serve a legal notice requiring treatment and or clearing of the rubbish.


Insect infestations can be considered a statutory nuisance, but only under certain circumstances. The insects must be emanating from relevant industrial, trade or business premises and being prejudicial to health or a nuisance. There are various exemptions to this such as land used as arable, grazing, meadow or pasture land. Likely sources of insect nuisance are poultry farms, sewage treatment works, animal housing and refuse sites.