Mobile & temporary premises

Movable and/or temporary premises include marquees, market stalls, mobile vans, vending machines and people's homes where food is regularly prepared to be sold or given to the public.

Temporary premises / mobile units need to be sited, designed, constructed, kept clean and maintained in good repair and condition, so as to avoid the risk of contaminating foodstuffs and harbouring pests. The maintenance of a high standard of food hygiene in relation to temporary or mobile premises is particularly important given the nature of the structure and location. Outside caterers, for example, often work in cramped conditions, are very busy and do not have much storage space or ideal facilities. Such conditions lead to greater cross contamination risks to the food that can be exacerbated if good personal hygiene practices are not followed.

Mobile caterers should register with the Local Authority where their mobile unit is kept. Mobile caterers can be inspected by officers of any local authority within whose boundary they are trading.

Further information on the operation of a mobile vehicle or outdoor catering can be found in our Outdoor and Mobile Catering Guide [PDF 147KB].

If mobile caterers wish to trade in the streets in Derbyshire Dales they need to be aware that some in some streets trading is prohibited and in others it may be possible, with a street trading consent issued by the District Council.  The Council's Street Trading  Policy explains when a Consent is required and lists the prohibited and consent streets.  The Policy document can be viewed via the following link