Kitchen design

Officers can advise on kitchen layout and design, but it is always recommended that you seek the advice of a suitably qualified architect or consultant. Should you wish to discuss kitchen layout and design please submit the relevant plans to us and an Officer will contact you to discuss them. Officers will not normally visit your premises to discuss kitchen layout and design.

All food premises should be designed to achieve a logical workflow pattern i.e. raw materials in - storage - preparation - cooking - service/despatch. Premises that are designed on this principle allow an efficient, cost effective system of work with a reduced risk of food becoming cross-contaminated. Sufficient space should be allowed for the storage of non- food items such as cleaning materials and equipment, clean and dirty laundry, crockery and cutlery.

The law requires food premises, and sanitary accommodation within food premises, to have suitable and sufficient means of natural or mechanical ventilation. It will be necessary to match the ventilation system to the cubic capacity of the room to maintain a balance between sufficient air being extracted and a constant supply of fresh air intake. Excessive extraction of air will prevent equipment such as gas cookers operating efficiently, and excessive air intake will reduce the efficiency of the extraction system. You should also consider where the extracted air leaves your premises so as not to cause an odour nuisance to your neighbours. The document  Guidance on the Control of Odour and Noise from Commercial Kitchen Exhaust is available from the Defra website.

As a guide it is recommended that there are at least 30 air changes per hour in a commercial kitchen. Systems should be designed for easy access and/or dismantling to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. Grease filters will require cleaning at least weekly in busy premises. The ambient temperature of the kitchen should be less than 25°C. A ventilation engineer should be consulted for advice on a suitable system. If you are installing a ventilation system you may require planning permission.