Energy advice

Derbyshire Dales is working with partners to reduce fuel poverty, improve the energy efficiency of homes across the Dales and to help fight the effects of climate change. The District Council is part of the Derbyshire Dales and High Peak Affordable Warmth Partnership, and the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Local Authorities' Energy Partnership, which help to ensure that we work effectively towards our goals.

The ways in which householders can get assistance to improve the energy efficiency of their homes is changing. For example the Government has stopped funding the Green Deal Finance Company meaning that this scheme is now closed to new applications. The District Council has concentrated its efforts on helping those people who are most at risk from fuel poverty and we are working together with the Local Authorities' Energy Partnership, Derbyshire County Council and local GPs to identify those people who live in energy inefficient houses, who find it difficult to afford to improve their homes and who suffer from chronic health problems associated with living in cold conditions.

  • For more information about this scheme please contact us on 01629 761212 or 
  • For all other enquires about energy advice we recommend that you contact your energy supplier to find out if they are able to help.