Black sacks (general household)

Single black sack on white backgroundA small number of properties currently use black sacks for waste rather than wheeled bins.  Black sacks are only collected from properties that cannot accommodate a grey wheeled bin due to their design or because our vehicle can't get to them.

A maximum of four standard sacks should be presented at the edge of property by 7am on the collection day.

You can put out for collection up to 4 standard size sacks per fortnight.  You can purchase black sacks from an outlet of your choice.  Please note black sacks are no longer supplied by the district council.

Black sacks should not be used to dispose of garden waste or other recyclable materials.

Requesting a household bin

Let us know and we will check that a bin can be suitably stored and collected by a refuse vehicle with a lift on the back. We will also check to see if you can accommodate a blue-lid and green-lid bin. You can request wheeled bins by emailing us.

4 black bags are insufficient for my family

If you are actively recycling and using all the containers provided, we believe 4 sacks to be sufficient for the average family. If you are a family of 5 or more, have children in nappies or someone has special medical needs, you can apply for an increased black sack allowance. To apply for an increased black sack allowance (6 sacks), please contact us.

If you have a child in nappies you could reduce the amount of waste produced by considering the use of real nappies.  These are cotton nappies that can be washed and re-used.  Household waste that contains nappies will be collected fortnightly. They should be wrapped in a nappy bag and stored in a sealed container until collection.

NB: Checks will be made to ensure anyone making an application for more sacks is properly using recycling containers.  We're happy to give additional advice on request.

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