Green sacks (garden)

Households that are unable to accommodate a wheeled bin are able to dispose of garden waste in green compostable sacks.  

We will supply 42 sacks per year, free of charge, delivered annually each April/May.  If you do not report that you have not received them by the end of June you will have to purchase you own until next year.

Your green compostable bags should be put out at the edge of your property by 7am on the day of the fortnightly collection.  There is no limit to the number of green compostable bags you can leave out for collection.

You can dispose of any extra garden waste at your nearest household recycling centre.

Initial order

In order to receive your annual supply of compostable sacks you must let us know that you want to receive this garden waste service.  Please do this by completing our online form.

*Please note: the green compostable sacks are only available to properties which do not have a wheeled bin for household waste.  Properties that have wheeled bins can dispose of garden waste in the green-lid bin.

I require further sacks

Buy from us

If you run out of your annual supply and require additional sacks, you can buy these direct from us at the main reception in either one of our four leisure centres or at the Town Hall.  The cost is £8.50 for a roll of 42 sacks.

Don't buy from the supermarket

Only use the compostable sacks provided as we can not collect sacks purchased from shopping outlets or online.  

We have to make sure the sacks meet specific requirements and can be handled by the re-processing plant. Any unsuitable sacks could contaminate the whole lorry load and result in the waste being rejected. If this happens the full lorry load has to be disposed of at landfill (a refuse tip).

Storing the compostable sacks

It is important to keep the compostable sacks in a dry place. Because they are compostable the sacks should not be stored in wet conditions. Please visit the 'storage and use' page for further information.

What can I put in the sack?

The following materials can be placed inside a compostable sacs:

  • grass cuttings
  • hedge clippings
  • prunings
  • weeds
  • bark
  • plants
  • cut flowers
  • compost
  • vegetarian
  • animal bedding

Please do not include food waste, cardboard, plant pots, stones, soil, plastic or wood.